3 Days into the New Year

Last Update: January 03, 2020

January 3, 2020

Have you been setting goals? On a work break? or Getting on track for an exciting new year ahead?

I have....

Some of my accomplishments in the first 3 days of January:


I played pickle ball on Wednesday evening at the local public tennis courts. For those who don't know about pickle ball, it is played on a half sized tennis court with a shorter net using a wooden (or graphite) paddle and a hard whiffle type ball. Under hand serve and mostly doubles for me. Really fun, especially for a tennis pro and it's very social! I'm still pretty competitive, and I play with friends and family, all levels and ages!

Walked every day, either morning or lunchtime - averaging 8700 steps. I need to up that to reach my 10,000 steps goal per day.


I practiced every day this year about 30-40 minutes. I use the Fender Play App and follow along with the lessons. I've been working on "I Saw Her Standing There" by the Beatles. The chords are pretty easy for me (E7, A7, B7 and C), but the strumming pattern has been challenging. I found a YouTube video by The Good Guitarist who shows exactly how to play it. I've watched it over and over and play along to the lesson. Tonight I had a break through and finally "got" the strumming down.

eBay and Other Online Marketplaces

Listed and shipped a variety of items. Shipped: a vintage black rotary telephone, a 1990's Premiere Magazine with the Hook cast on the cover. Remember that movie with Robin Williams and Dustin Hoffman. It was directed by Steven Spielberg. I also shipped an iPhone case, a 1931 hard cover book of cartoons, a Madonna Tour Book from over 30 years ago and a Time Magazine with Mark Zuckerberg as 2010's Man of the Year.

Some of the items Iisted: some old vintage photographs, a vintage art instruction book on how to draw trees, many zip up sweatshirts (on Poshmark), a rectangular framed mirror for a bathroom - very heavy so local pick-up only, no shipping on that one, a Barbra Streisand artwork of her as Yentl and a very large frame. It has been very random stuff as I continue to list my so-called "death piles"! I chip away at them!

Eating Healthy

I made a big batch of vegetarian chili on New Year's Eve and it's been dinner for a couple of meals. Note to self, not a great meal before playing pickle ball! No indulgences in the sweets department except for today. A box of See's candy made it back into my shared office. One of my office mates brought back the holiday gift I gave to her....Not what I had in mind. So a had a molasses chip and a nutty chocolate.

Of course today began with my favorite: avocado toast with a friend egg on top! Can't beat that to fill you up and energize the start of a day!


The day started with the Rose Parade for me. Later in the day, the Rose Bowl football game was on. Both were terrific. University of Oregon took the game in the last minutes! My partner went to UofO and so we were rooting for the Ducks!

I also watched the Linda Ronstadt documentary on CNN "The Sound of My Voice" for my third time. Once in the theater a couple of months ago, once On Demand from Comcast and on January 1st on CNN. I highly recommend it. Linda is an incredible singer...of many different styles of music. She sadly has been stricken with Parkinson's Disease and so it's touching as well as inspiring. I was a huge fan during her Rock N Roll days and saw her in concert many times as a late teen during high school, college and after. I remember seeing her at the Greek Theater on the UC Berkeley Campus when she performed in her cute Boy Scout uniform!

And speaking of roses, I love the song "Love is a Rose" sung by Linda many years ago.

Love is a rose but you better not pick it
Only grows when it's on the vine
Handful of thorns and you'll know you've missed it
Lose your love when you say the word mine

Wealthly Affiliate

I continued with some training and working on websites. I am enjoying meeting new friends and reading and commenting on various posts. I have been publishing daily posts for one of my sites for the blog challenge I'm participating in this month.

So there you have it. Three days down and still going strong! 2020 is going to be a fun year! Hopefully I will get on track to actually know what day of the week it is. I am thrown off by having the holidays in the middle of the week. How about you?

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JeffreyBrown Premium
Pretty varied life--sounds like me!

PLuh1 Premium
Tall order. Great work.
annezarra Premium
Thank for reading and commenting! I am having a ball so far this year! I read that you lived a year in Sonoma. I am in nearby Mill Valley. I also visit Arizona once or twice a year. Sedona is wonderful! Best, ANNE Z
PLuh1 Premium
I look you up next time I am there, if I may. and vice versa.
Talk2Ray Premium
Hi Anne, thanks for sharing a little of your first three days of 2020. I admire your determination to improve in several areas of your life. I need a lot more of that drive to improve my physical health so you inspired me to do better.
Thanks and keep up the good work.
annezarra Premium
Hi Ray! Pick a friend or family member and back a date to get out and do something fun. The exercise will happen and you won't even realize it! Thanks for reading! ANNE Z
gerryheb55 Premium

Busy lady you are! Sweet! I think I want to play pickle ball! Right now!! Haha!

And the phone!! I love it! You know what is funny, my grand kids would have absolutely no idea on how to use it! 😳

Lovely post...thank you for sharing! You better keep track of your year for us! Can’t wait to see your year end! 👍🏻

Gerry 👍🏻👍🏻
annezarra Premium
Thanks Gerry! Ellen Degeneres did a segment recently where she brought a millennial up on stage to see if they knew how to use an old rotary phone-and they couldn’t- so funny!
I’ll keep you up to date! Best, Anne Z
gerryheb55 Premium
That is funny...😂
starfalex123 Premium
Great post keep it up. All the best for the New Year .Stay active my friend on your 2020 Journey. Fitzgerald
annezarra Premium
Same good vibes back at you Fitzgerald! ANNE Z