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Last Update: November 13, 2018

Hi there my amazing WA community!

This may be a little off topic, but since there is a lot of members I'm hoping I can reach a lot of you with this.

If anyone doesn't have Carbon Monoxide detectors in your home, I highly recommend them.

Last night I awoke in my home from my Carbon Monoxide Detectors going off. I, along with my family was able to get out of the house in time before things got serious. Thankfully I only have slight Carbon Monoxide Poisoning, I feel very lucky and blessed to still be here.

The reason for the Carbon Monoxide in my home was from my fireplace, It wasn't properly cleaned thru ought the entire chimney so it was pushing Carbon Monoxide into my home.

I'm sorry if this is a little to off topic for you, I'm just sending out a message in hopes I can save someone from having to experience that.

I'm so blessed to still be here with all of you!

Thank you,


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RubenV1 Premium
Thank you for the information. I'm glad you and your family made it out alive. You are lucky. May God continue to bless your and your entire family's safety.

Annaeri26 Premium
Thank you for your kind words!
firstlearn Premium
Thanks for sharing Anna.

Annaeri26 Premium
You're welcome!
dragonfly10 Premium
Dear Anna, I think this is a very timely post, and very informative. This is the time year when accidents with Carbon Monoxide happen more frequently. I am a Nurse Practitioner of trauma care, and every year we would lose patients to CM Poisoning. Especially little children. People forget to do one of several safety checks. Cleaning the wood burning stoves correctly(many chimney sweepers don't do a proper job.), not remembering to change batteries, not installing them at all, or not installing enough of them in larger homes. And many other problems too numerous to list out. Some fire departments will give you fire detectors and CM monitor for free if you ask for them. Your post is excellent and you are correct, you may have saved someone's life
Annaeri26 Premium
That's so sad to hear about loosing people to CM poisoning, but unfortunately it does happen especially since it has no smell and you cannot see it.
So awesome to hear that you're a Nurse Practitioner, you make the world a better place, thank you for that!
That is good information to share, I'm sure firefighters would give such things like those out if it meant saving someones life!
The firefighters that came to my home last night were excellent, they assured all the Carbon Monoxide was out of our home and we were all save enough to go back in. The scariest part was that the CM levels were the highest in our bedroom, Thankfully our CM detectors are very loud, and say "Warning, Carbon Monoxide Detected" or else I would have probably thought it was a faulty fire alarm
JoMatt1 Premium
Thankfully you and your family were able to get out of the house safely, Carbon Monoxide Detector's truly are life savers, as you say, every household should have one fitted where needed.
This should be a warning to everyone!

Annaeri26 Premium
Yes I agree. Thanks so much, we're very thankful for those detectors!
jhfx36 Premium
Very informative post. Thank you for sharing with us.
Annaeri26 Premium
Absolutely! I'm just hoping I can potentially save others! Especially since others may have wood burning stoves in their house without carbon monoxide detectors, or carbon monoxide detectors who aren't functioning properly