Achievements Thus Far.

Last Update: October 30, 2019

Hi there - as part of my Training, I'm asked to write some of my achievements thus far.

I joined Wealthy Affiliate in November 2018. Unfortunately due to my son not being well - in remission but still battling Myloid Luekemia and my own personal issues I stood down for a good 7 months. Just could not focus at that time.

I came back on board July of this year. I knew I had a lot to catch up on - so I got in full steam ahead. Started back on my Online Entreprenuer Certification - then after a month I moved over to Boot Camp. These are my acheivements thus frar:

  • OEC - Level 2 Task 18
  • Boot Camp Phase 4 Task 20
  • I up graded to Premium
  • I have learnt how to add images
  • I have learnt how to add Plug-ins
  • I have learnt how to do Internal Links
  • I have learnt how to do External Links
  • I have learnt how to add Banners
  • I know my way around some Codes
  • I have and still am learning about Jaaxy Keywords
  • I have one website Indexed with Google (Promoting Wealthy Affiliate)
  • I have my own Domain/Website - slowly but surely Building it out

There are so many small but important things I have learnt - the list goes on.

My on going Goals are to focus on my Articals/post/Blogs.

Continue my Training in both programmes.

Continue to try to Help fellow Wealthy Affiliate new members - and current.

I am feeling so Proud of myself and my son is so Proud of what I have achieved - I feel like I've won Lotto!! It's not about the $$ as such for me at present - it's about the change in my personal life. And now I have an up coming Business life as well!!

I want to asure new members - if you have any doubts - or feel like pulling out - Don't!!

Hang in there - Do the Training - You will see as each Task is done - Your knowledge is growing.

As my son said " You would never have been able to do this before" And Yes - He is right. With my Training I have achieved so far - I know things - I feel Great about it all Too.

I would like to take a minute- to Thank all the wonderful Wealthy Affiliate members whom have helped my along the way You know who YOU are - so Thank You.

Let's get on with it - and Succeed - be Proud - and Pass it on.

P.S The Image above is our Sky Tower here in Auckland - New Zealand.

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DMahen1 Premium
Great post, thanks. Great image too!
AnitaSmith60 Premium
Thank you.
AnitaSmith60 Premium
An enormous thanks goes out to our wonderful owners and Trainers. Sharing all your knowledge - so we can succeed. Priceless!!
Aussiemuso Premium
You've done so well Anita and should be proud of yourself.
Congratulations on all you've learnt so far and enjoy the journey.
The picture is lovely.
Cheering you on.
Lily 😊
AnitaSmith60 Premium
Hi. Thank you Lily. I know I have a lot to do ahead - but bring it on. Loving it.
AlexEvans Premium
Well done Anita, every step we take is a step in the right direction. Keep on with the training building your website. Sounds like you are in the right frame of mind to get back into it.

Best wishes and the added bonus your son is in remission.
AnitaSmith60 Premium
Yes my mind set is on track. Thank you very much.
mstewardit Premium
Beautiful Image. Great post. I love it when we lay out our list of achievements here on WA. It is only then that you can see everything that you have and are achieving. It sounds like you and your son have had a lot to deal with so, you deserve extra credit for sticking with it. I hope everything works out well.

P.S Congratulations on all you have achieved.
AnitaSmith60 Premium
Thank you very much Mark. The wonderful support from fellow members is a great motivator to stay on track. All the best to you too. Sky Tower has a rotating restaurant in it as well, beautiful view from the top...