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Last Update: May 30, 2019

Hi Friends,

As the ship needs captain for sailing the ship, we need mentors who can train us to get success on Wealthy Affiliate (WA). The good thing about WA is that there are plenty of platforms such Live chat, blogs and articles about how to make it and how someone has made it. We might get carried away in reading redudant information at times. Therefore, we need a light house which can put us right on track. Selecting mentors and experienced campainger is an art.

How to select your mentors?

First understand your queries , if you are new to wordpress you are going to face common problems such as how to write blog in wordpress, how to install images, audio and videos etc.

When I was new I had the same issues and luckily I happen to read blogs by senior and experienced memeber over here. For those who are new and still having problems on WA I would like to share those key training well demonstrated blogs and articles. I would like to help you in your journey , please have a look at training blogs below:

1. How to write a blog in wordpress

2. How to insert an image in your WA blog post

3. How can I add audio and video

4. How to install or change a theme

5. How to use Widgets in Wordpress

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Thanks so much for sharing!

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Thanks Bob for the reply..Wish you great year ahead.