Moving into heavy coding!

Last Update: July 12, 2012
Just dowloaded File Zilla and Netbeans for some heavy coding sessions with a friend. CSS and HTML are the two easiest of languages to learn for a coder and I am giving it a shot. Although I know other technology languages, but HTML and CSS have a market of their own. The best thing about them is their live viewable features that make them so cool. You just have to make a single code change and behold - there is a change in the appearance. The adrenaline rushes in the deepest experiences for a coder . I am not an express one but certainly like the challenge of working in a spirited Content management System which potrays it's penchant for coding by the tag " CODE IS POETRY " in it's home page. The radical shift from hacking to wordpress code management for me was not a one night affair. I have enjoyed wordpress always. I had my first website built on it. Then i carried on from there and today here I am at WA - Still experimenting, but proudly!

Wish me luck in my endeavor and the as for DAVID_S, Your interview will be the standpoint of my IM career! :)

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JohnnyMark1 Premium
Hello Anindochk, Welcome aboard! It's great to meet others who like to experiment with the coding to achieve specific results. Hopefully we can share ideas back and forth.
anindochk Premium
Hi John, I would love to share ideas although my ideas won't be much of use as I am still a novice, but am one of those who is really interested in knowing the cause. Great to hear from you. Will stay in touch! :)
mdonnelly21 Premium
Good Luck, and take it one step at a time, and let me know periodically how your journey is going.
anindochk Premium
Hey Thanks!! Shall surely let you know! :) Do keep in touch! :)