A Learning Experience!

Last Update: June 19, 2012
During my college days, there was a trend of becoming socially savvy over the net. Top ranks were given to those who were bloggers and they were always held in high esteem. In that very situation, I developed an inclination towards blogging. To be honest, I already had a writing flair but then blogging is something different to a newbie. So, I decided to do something different (of course, being different, was also a hot trend).

I gathered some friends, tried to motivate them and then reached a common ground of starting a green energy blog called ergontronblog.com. My idea was fueled by my desire to do something in the energy sector, which is even now present in me and given an opportunity, i would love to be a part of it in any form.

The initial few days were difficult as I had never worked on wordpress before. I was getting used to its interface and faced difficulty in design as well as organizing my home page and internal pages (The beauty of wordpress is its ease of use even to a layman). i was bowled over by the simplicity of this CMS and slowly and steadily I started learning a lot through the forums and help section of the CMS. Wordpress has an enormous section wherein queries can be posted and fellow mates answer them. Finally the design was over! To be honest, I did little but understood most of the things on how they are coded.

Then came the blogging days. We 4 started blogging about energy technologies and renewable resources. Everyday, somebody used to come up with a post that led to the development of the blog. But somehow, the enthusiasm fizzed out. Initially, we thought it was a minor hiccup but then absolutely nobody came on to the fore front. i lost motivation too. Analysis revealed that three genuine reasons were a hindrance.

1. The niche wasn't researched properly. As a result, we were short of topics only after 18 days or so.
2. The niche wasn't a passion for other friends.
3. I wasn't as convincing as I should have been.

Today the website stands expired. But I can proudly say that, I learnt enormously in this experience and will continue to do in my next venture as well.

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