The First Step to Build An Online Authority

Last Update: December 07, 2017

Yesterday, I learned a priceless lesson about the first step to build an online authority after reading the book entitled the 7 Day Start Up by Dan Norris.

So what is the lesson?
He developed his origin story.

It's difficult to establish credit and become believable to an audience of people. Dan was smart when he applied the strategy of sharing his origin story detailing the growth of his online authority through times.

A compelling origin story makes your audience a better way to connect with you and your business. Because they believe it's a living perk run by real people, who are ready to bring you actual value.

To make a long story short, consider the following questions while building your origin story:

- What is unique about your business?
- How did the business idea arise?
- What led the business owners to take the plunge?
- What problem are they trying to solve?
- How has their business evolved?
- Do people think it's cool? How is it cool?

I am on my way to work with those questions and hope to get some good results.

Thanks for your reading and feel free to share your own methods. I love to read them.

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TonyHamilton Premium
Very nice Anh,

How is it going so far while implementing these ideas my Friend?

Is your origin story taking shape?

Thank you for sharing Anh,

ValerieJoy Premium
Excellent advice, Anh.
People enjoy reading about real life experience as, in most cases, they find the stories inspirational.
Anh-Ho Premium
It's more than happy to have you drop by my entry.
The audience in the modern world are smart and the decade of click-bait articles is over. If you ever read any real story, please share with me. I can't wait to read it. :)
ValerieJoy Premium
I will keep that in mind, Anh.
I look forward to reading your next post.

Enjoy your weekend :)