new start!

Last Update: March 31, 2014

A big hello to all my friends, new and old!

I finally opened DapperDudes!

My before and after photos.

Now I can finally come back and learn some more at W.A.

I missed my family here.

Hope you like my shop! Talk later, judy

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giludi Premium
NIce to see you back here at WA.
Angelsway Premium
Thanks. Its great to be back. Judy
coolcity Premium
Good to see you back and I hope the site goes well - just keep working it!
Angelsway Premium
No excuse not to keep your hair tidy now! Lol
Thanks a mill! Judy
nancykaye Premium
Hi Judy,

I've been even more missing than you as you can see by my high rank. Dapper Dudes sounds way cool. I wish you lots of luck.

I always wanted to visit Ireland as I like Irish spirit! I've been living in rural Alabama and caring for my husband. But He is now needing more care than I can give.

We'll be back in Florida April 5 and I need a new start too. I was almost ready to launch my new beauty product when I realized doing that, taking care of my husband and moving was more than I can handle.

I'll be back on WA as soon as possible. I'm so glad things are coming out well for you.
Angelsway Premium
Hey nancy, a great big hello from cork, ireland!!!!
Ive missed you also! Your having a rough time of it!
Draw strength from you situation and keep plodding on.
You will get there!
I will say a prayer for your hubby!
Give me a shout if you need help with your beauty business.
I could promote on my website also.
You explained about it a few months ago.
Dont give up!!!!!!!
pcook410 Premium
Welcome back, Angelsway! I'm looking forward to seeing those photos! ..................Pat
Angelsway Premium
Hi pat, l8vely to see your doing well!
Check out And the " nice and comfy " page. Hope you like it. Judy
Rick Jantz Premium
Congrats. Is Dapper Dudes your website or a store? Enjoy learning and great to have you back.
Angelsway Premium
Lol! Its my new barber shop. And I have a little website for it under construction. judy