My Niche Is Me

Last Update: June 07, 2017

I've been thinking about how to write about this blog for days.

Being new to the ways of making an income on line, 2 years, and being part of Network Marketing and Affiliate Marketing programs, I've come to learn that is just like another clique or part of life.


1. People will assume things about you and your spending habits in their promotion and advertising. (I was also guilty of this when I started out, copying what I was shown and what others in my company or the industry would do.)

2. You kind of like have to conform to a certain way, behavior, mindset, and actions or you won't succeed, doing it wrong, etc

3. People say their team is a family or like family, however don't really act that way.

4. If you choose to stop or take a break, you're doing it wrong, you are wrong, making a wrong choice, etc

And then with the people that have their own cliques within the same company or team. I felt like I was back in school.

These are just a few things that I've noticed, learned, and experienced. I personally, normally, am great at talking with people, listening, and helping others with solving problems and finding solutions, encouraging when it comes to their lives and matters of the mind, heart, and spirit. And am having a hard time transferring that skill over to referring and Affiliate marketing. I didn't find the support and guidance, understanding, that I thought I would find on my teams.

It's like where here for you when it's about making that money, anything else you gotta keep it to yourself and deal with it yourself. If you're letting it affect you, you aren't helping or caring about others. It's not about you. And then I was told, don't talk about the company negatively, if you're having a hard time or struggling don't say that, nobody likes negativity, sad things, etc..And I'm thinking how can I effectively share the progress and change for the good that the company has done for me if I don't share my downs and hardships too.

That wasn't sitting well with me, didn't make sense, and kind of a contradiction.

Which is why I was glad to start learning about different ways to earn an income online that didn't depend on me talking to people, trying to convince or convict people. And when I found out through Wealthy Affiliate that I could even learn how to have a blog and still make an additional income too, with what I've been learning, it was like hitting jackpot at the casino and a home run playing baseball. And even the feeling of looking into the face and eyes of my little people when they were first born.

Wealthy Affiliate is taking me back to me. Who I am. What I love personally, and how what I love personally helps others along the way. Wealthy Affiliate provides the platform for people to be who they are, to take what they love, and use it to better themselves and help others along the way. And when that happens an income and my/our finances will be taken care of along with it.

So thank you Wealthy Affiliate for providing this platform and this training for people to learn, grow, succeed, at their own pace without rush, judgement, ineffective criticism, assumptions. And congratulations to everyone for doing and taking something that you love, care about, and passionate about. While understanding and know that it will help others.

Our niches are reflections of ourselves in some way, shape or form. As we grow, our niches will grow too, as well as our actions, behavior, and websites. Progress. The only way to go is up. Just remember, Your Niche Is You. And I will remember, My Niche Is Me.

Thanks for reading.

Blessings and Success,


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LouisaB Premium
Wonderful and be blessed!
mickeyb123 Premium
This is what we all have to remember; Our niche, our brand, our most important concept is ME! (You know what I mean)
Angelica2017 Premium
You are so right Mickey! And I do know what you mean ;) lol
GlenPalo Premium
Well said, Angelica.
Angelica2017 Premium
Thanks Glen and here here! Continued success to you!!
KerriM Premium
I love this post, Angelica! Your lovely energy shines through with the words written above. Shine on, dear one, and keep revealing YOU!
Angelica2017 Premium
Hi Kerri! I am glad you read and enjoyed the post. thank you for your kind and encouraging words. I will keep shining and revealing me. That's how we connect with others and build relationships right? ;) Love, Peace, Blessings, and Success to you and on your journey!!