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July 03, 2017
My community at WA, you get to view this before I put it on my Nature Teaches website.Since joining the online income and online business industry in 2015 one encouraging yet misleading posts I see people do, especially on Facebook is people saying they don't want followers but leaders on their team, or looking for leaders.At first I was all gun ho about it followingly blinding in agreement. Yea that's right. I'm a leader. Though I'm the quiet, in the background type leader. However now i do no
June 07, 2017
I've been thinking about how to write about this blog for days. Being new to the ways of making an income on line, 2 years, and being part of Network Marketing and Affiliate Marketing programs, I've come to learn that is just like another clique or part of life. How:1. People will assume things about you and your spending habits in their promotion and advertising. (I was also guilty of this when I started out, copying what I was shown and what others in my company or the industry would do.)2. Y
Yeaaa, So I got my first site up and running and now I'm stuck. Haha. My brain is overthinking and doing double time on how to put it together, what tabs do I need, what main pages should I have, and just yea a lot more. My husband and I had a site before for our organization however he built it so this is my first time doing it myself. Yea me on that right. I began to search for what other blog websites look like and there's just so many.How do I know what I should and shouldn't have on my web
June 02, 2017
I'm ready to do this.