How to check your Youtube video rankings?

Last Update: April 12, 2016

Hey guys,

Today I was trying to figure out what my ranking was for a Youtube video I made about a month ago.

I have been busy with a lot of other things and although I was regularly checking my views I wasn't really aware of my ranking for that video.

I have came across 2 ways to check rankings on Youtube.

- The first one is a website called

You need to put your keyword and the link to your video which is fine ... but then you have only 3 options to chose from in the search criteria, which are top 20, top 100 and top 300.

It was a bit of a disapointment when I saw that my video didn't rank in the top 300 and don't quite get why you can have other options...

-The second way is to open a private navigation window , go to Youtube and type your keyword.

With this method I found my video on the 13th position page 1.

I hope these methods kind of work for you but for me it made me even more confused...

How do you check out your Youtube Rankings?

I believe that the second way is the most reliable ( although I hope so) but I am wandering if there are other methods that you know about to check your Youtube rankings?

I'd appreciate your input on this! Haven't really found an answer on WA so I hope there are some other methods and simple ways to check this out!

Have a great day and thanks in advance!


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KatieMac Premium
congratulations on a good job and thank you for the useful resources
AngelBcn Premium
Thank you Katie :)
MHainsworth Premium
Hi you can type in the keyword into Google and it will show your ranking as part of the overall results - I haven't tried a SERP checker for video urls yet wonder if that would work? Marie
AngelBcn Premium
Thanks Marie, I did but then again results are completely different and Serp Keyword rank tracker doesn't show any results at all