If It's FREE It's for ME!

Last Update: September 05, 2017

If you follow the training here at WA you will find consistent and valuable lessons on how to get your online business going.

It's been some time since I went through the training BUT I am also pretty sure Kyle never mentions having to BUY any special themes or plugins in order for you to be successful.

Nobody really. I make no claims to be the all knowing, all seeing - well you get the idea.

All I can do is speak from my own experience.

So that is what I will do.

Many of you who may happen to read my little post here, probably won't even know me or recognize my name. I don't hang out in chat any more. I don't get to come in and answer questions very often.

This week I have had a little extra time on my hand because I am preparing to move in less than a week. In case that statement threw you off - I have cut down on my client work this week in order to make time for all I need to do to get ready to move.

So I have found myself with some time in the evenings and some mornings to come in and answer questions - which is what I love to do. (Just see the name of my biz on my profile page and you will get it lol).

I have a full time business now (thanks to what I learned here at WA) and I just don't normally have the time. Not as much as I would like. I'm a 2 woman show (I have a biz partner) and we stay busy! We're not quite to the point we can comfortably afford to outsource work or hire help - yet!

Anyway - let me get back on track! Those that do know me - will recognize my pattern here. I have a tendency to go off on tangents. :)

But hey - sometimes beautiful things happen in a tangent!

I was helping a fairly new member a couple days ago and was saddened when this person told me they were advised by another member that they needed to 'buy' a specific plugin (3 actually!) to fix a problem on their website.

I wasn't really surprised I guess but it saddened me.

I remember when I first started out. I remember how broke I was.

Cobwebs and dust - that's what you would find in my wallet back then!

So back then I became very good at finding free solutions for EVERYthing I needed.

Do I use use paid/premium tools now? Sure - a few of them. But I still use a lot of free ones because they are good tools.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it! ;)

My point is that if anyone tells you that you HAVE to BUY anything to succeed then RUN the other way!

At the very least - do a little Google search or ask a question here in WA. Start with your very specific question and then broaden it if you don't find your answer at first.


Specific search: how do I fix a custom menu in wordpress for (name of theme) theme

broaden: how do I fix a custom menu wordpress

and Google instant is going to give you suggestions as well.

The above is probably not the best example. It's getting late and I am tired and a little aggravated on behalf of this person I am helping. :)


After doing your own research.

The only thing you need to pay for is your domain and WA for hosting and training.

I will even go so far as to offer my advice if you want it. If you are thinking about buying something (a tool for your biz) but are on the fence because of financial strain - ask me. I am about 90% certain I can advise you of a free alternative. I'm sure there are other members here as well.

I know Loes is one who has also always been thrifty and is really good at find free tools!

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PBitzer Premium
Wonderful advice Angela!
AngelaHall Premium
My pleasure Pat! :)
spurway Premium Plus
Not everything is free, and I believe when starting any business is a certain amount to invest ( time, money, knowledge, research whatever) People who create software have done the same thing as us, started out small .... grow and grow and developed themselves and created a software that will make the work easier.
Yes, sometimes we have to spend money, to free up yourself for things that will keep us expanding our business. You have to give before you can receive. That goes in many ways.
Good luck for your moving. I just moved in May happy we are settled in.
AngelaHall Premium
I agree. However I am mainly speaking about people who are just starting out. There are many free alternatives to those paid tools you can use in your business. As I said, I do now use some paid tools for my biz but when I first started out, I didn't pay for anything other than WA and my domain and was able to progress and grow just fine.
The free tools don't always have as many features as you would like but they will do just fine until someone is making money and is able to afford a paid version.
MKearns Premium
Jaaxy entertains the idea of an upsell! However you can use he keyword tool and if you need to, acclimate to Jaaxy when your financial returns justify thus maximizing it's use Angela!
AngelaHall Premium
absolutely! and there is also the Google keyword planner. Not as easy to use but it is a great tool.
Dmorrow Premium
Very sound advice Angela! I agree completely with you, especially regarding those who are really new to all this. Give it some time and get your feet wet with the free stuff before you start buying bells and whistles!

AngelaHall Premium
Exactly Debby! Make some money before you start spending some money :)