100k followers on Instagram Fast ! SCAM

Last Update: June 12, 2017

I've seen people brag on how fast they get thousands of followers on Instagram within their first week of creating IG account... Well, how lucky are they?
Then of course they promote some amazing system with bots or automation that you have to pay for ! Just a little money for a huge success - who wouldn't do it? ;)

Just something you all should know before getting yourself into something you didn't research. If something sounds like it's too good to be true - it probably is!

- New Instagram account has restrictions within around first month on Liking, Following etc. in order not to raise flags within Instagram Community as a robot.
- Using Bot Liking or Automation is against Instagram Agreement Policies and so they may ban you at any time.
- All the programs are great for short-term success (and not even all the time), however in a long run you are risking a lot since at any time your account may be permanently banned and the nickname goes with it.

I am speaking from personal experience as a few months ago when I opened up a business I created an IG account with the business name and payed for automated liking system which got me banned. Now I can't create another account with the same email and the official name of my business that was used as a nickname is forever blacklisted.
Anyone who will be trying this sort of things should know that it can lead to pretty sad outcomes at the end.

My advise is to:

  • look at your competitors and the hashtags they use.
  • Add the same ones to your posts (in order for people to find you).
  • Then yourself click on the hashtags and like a few pics every hour or whenever you can (don't spam with 100 likes in 1 hour as IG might think that you are a bot!!).
  • Also, follow your competitor's followers as they are already interested in the products you are offering. (Also don't follow hundreds of people within a short amount of time!!)
  • Another thing you can do is to send a DM to every follower you get mentioning their name, thanking for following you and asking them to visit your website (or whatever the goal is).. Oh, and also follow them back if you want to show some appreciation..

Anyway, I hope that was somewhat helpful :) We are here at WA because we don't fall for get rich quick schemes and we are willing to work now to get the results we need later. So let's not fall for other scenes as well and stay on the bright and long-term side of things !

Good luck in your paths everyone !


-Anna <3

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Kyle Premium Plus
Gaming Instagram or Facebook or Twitter (or any other social medium) with fake followers is something that has been going on for quite some time.

If you have seen people try to "friend" you on Facebook and they have no relationship to you, these are likely one of the fake users deployed by these agencies that are selling these fake likes/follows.

If you are so desperate for a following that you are paying for a "fake one" to fake your success and clout, you are going to get called out on it when you get little to know exposure with any of your postings.
anespresso Premium
Yup. I agree. Can't build something big and stable on a bunch of ghost bricks!
pablocortina Premium
Thank you so much for your information. Very helpful.
anespresso Premium
Always my pleasure :)