Month 2 - Money May Be Just Around The Corner - Progress Update

Last Update: February 02, 2019

I started a new website two months ago, and have been (trying to) write down my experiences each month. For those who missed the first month's update, feel free to read it via the link below:

Progress Update: One Money Of Work At Wealthy Affiliate

Month Two - Goals Achieved?

If you remember from the last update (which probably many of you don't), I blogged about how I wanted to get 70+ articles on my website by the end of month two. That was going to be around 50 articles for me to write in the month.

Well, Unfortunately things don't turn out as they usually do. I can't say that I wasn't busy doing other things, and I can't say that I didn't do nothing (meaning that I did do something).

Instead of 50 articles, I only got 20 articles up on my site.

I'm not going to whine and complain - 20 articles is great for most people. So, I'll take this month as a month of learning, and knowing that I tried to fulfill my goals, and did the best I could.

I also had said that I was hoping to get out there more on social media, which I was able to do this week.

We (My partners and I) were able to successfully start a YouTube channel. We have one follower so far!

(Yeah, that follower is actually me, so in reality, there really is no one following us, which I find rather humorous, though I'm not sure why).

We currently have 6 videos up, and another 5 that are in the post production work.

YouTube is rather easy, after you finally just do it. We don't have anything to fancy or special - I literally just record myself review a website, or program, and then my partner edits it (if needed), adds a clip to the beginning and end (basically our name either in static text, or bouncing around), and a video is done.

I checked our rankings in YouTube, and surprisingly, we made page one, spot 5, for the keyword "Is The Amazon Affiliate Program A Scam". And we only uploaded that video last night!

Besides YouTube, I've also been actively answering questions on Quora. It's been bringing about 4-7 visitors to our site per day, which is nice.

Some of you may remember that Roope blogged about how he was banned from Quora. Because of this, I've been more careful to answer questions that are only relevant to my niche (and only questions that people specifically request of me).

I have had a few answers deleted from Quora (due to them calling it spam), but I guess that's just how things go. Tread carefully, and carry a big stick, said one of my countries Presidents (or something to that extent).

Anyways, so far for Social Media, we're on YouTube and Quora, and doing fairly well with them.

Increased statistics for WA

As you can see from the screenshot above, my stats for WA have been all over the place. Since part of my niche is promoting WA, the stats, and the increase of them, is a rather nice thing.

As you may or may not be able to tell from the screenshot, I have had 9 starter referrals come to WA. Nothing too big, but it's definitely a start.

There is a progress to starting something and promoting - first you need an affiliate link, then a way to promote it (blog, social media, email), and then you need clicks through the affiliate link, and then sales, etc...

Getting starter referrals is just part of the process, in my mind. I mean, you need a starter referral before you get a premium referral, right?

So, hopefully, success is around the corner. I'm not hoping for too much, honestly, because I'm still only on month 2 of my website, and blogging. But the future doesn't look as bleak as one could make it (then again, with the various ways the economy is, plus the complete nonsense of other stuff going on, and the random jargon that people type, who knows?)

Future Operations In Future Months

My future goals are pretty much the same as before:

  • Expand My Social Outreach
  • Get Into Podcasting
  • Write More Articles
  • Help People Out

YouTube creation is a rhythm that we've been able to successfully master last month. So hopefully we'll continue to sync with that rhythm, and continue to publish videos on YouTube.

Quora is rather easy for me to continue to do - just write meaningful answers for those who have meaningful questions.

Articles creation isn't hard either - it's just a matter of making sure I don't get too busy, nor write terribly (which obviously I don't - you guys are reading this, right? Lol).

So those three are pretty set in stone, in terms of what I'm confident will happen in the next month.

Future goals that I'm not so confident in are as follows:

Expanding to Twitter. I'm hoping to move many of my questions and videos to posts on Twitter, but am still working out nontechnical issues of it all (basically whether I/we want to be on Twitter or not).

So really, this is just me deciding how far Social Media-wise we want to go, and which ones we want to expand on.

Starting our podcast - the Scam Cast! Because we're in the getting scammed niche, we were hoping to get a podcast started up. Unfortunately, my partner who was supposed to do that is, well, I'm not sure exactly...

I need to see if something is happening with it or not - he's currently away at University, so he has to make sure he spends his time wisely (then again, he should want to help his brother out, shouldn't he?)

So, if all goes well, we'll have our Podcast started, assuming he'll have time to take care of the production this month.

Our Scam Scale! I'll tell you, if you ever start a business, be careful who you talk to, and what you promise to do...

So hopefully I can code this/make this at some point, but while talking with my Grandfather, he thought that it would be a good idea to have a scale at the end of our posts that show how much we thought a program was a scam.

Being the nice grandson that I am, I'm hoping to do a little Beta-testing with this idea, and see if it will actually work and be fruitful. If it is, my Grandfather wants part of the commissions for coming up with the idea, but I guess that is how life goes (lol).

Continue Running The Race!

As some have said before, Affiliate Marketing isn't a race as much as it is a marathon. Slowly and steadily, you'll be able to get to where you want to be.

Each persons progress, path, and stamina are different. Just because I've had success with bringing in referrals in month 2 doesn't mean that the same is true for everyone else.

You could bring referrals in month 1 or month 4 - the main thing you need to remember is that you are consistent in your content creation, and that you don't forget that your real motive should be to help people, not make a buck or two.

Continue in those main things, and you are sure to succeed (provided you follow the training as well).


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alan47 Premium
Good to read about your honest approach and progress. be inspired...
AndyCalvin Premium
Thanks Alan. Hope all is well with you, and your progress!
CandP Premium
You seem to be making great progress, Andy. To be getting referrals on a two-month-old website is great. The conversions will come.
Colette and Philip
AndyCalvin Premium
Thanks! Though to be fair, Quora is probably the one that brought the referrals in. I think my site is still sandboxed by Google.
CandP Premium
That's good to know about Quora, Andy. We just hooked up with them and are excited to see where it goes.
lesabre Premium
Great to see the progress Andy
AndyCalvin Premium
Thanks Michael!
JackieSmith Premium
That's progress Andy.

Even though you didn't meet your goals, you weren't sitting twiddling your fingers.

There is so much work involved in an online business that every little action plays a part in us achieving our goals.

Wishing you continued success.

NB Great idea from your grandad!
AndyCalvin Premium
Thanks Jackie! Though I do like to twiddle my fingers from time to time. :D