A simple solution to a horrible problem - from Bert!

Last Update: October 24, 2015

'Ello WAland, How's it all goin'?

Not lettin' the grass grow under yer feet, are yer?

I had a problem and I hate problems 'coz problems ain't in my dictionary - I shredded it.

Me dictionary, not me problems, ya daft beggars. Me wife's a problem 'an she just refuses to let me shred her so I shredded the dictionary and ran outta the house 'coz it were her dictionary.

I'm hiding in the shed at the moment wiv' the door barred up and a work-bench upright against the window. Me wife ain't gettin' in and I ain't gettin' dinner.

Oh well, I've probably got time to tell yer how to solve a problem what we all seem to get with our "lectic males."

There's a whole heap load of "lectric males" waiting outside my house but none of them's gettin' in. Even when they reaches the roof they ain't gettin' in. If they come crashing down from a plane through the ceiling they still ain't gettin' in 'coz

I've gotta fool proof plan.

If you want to stop gettin' spam round yer house or too many "lectric males" from anywhere, all yer needs to do is this.

Login to Who-Ever is sendin' the stuff at ya and change yer email address to yer mate next door's email address.

He'll never suss.

So if I hear crashin' next door one day, who knows, it might be all them "lectric males", eh?

Case solved, eh? If yer needs any further advice just ask, won't ya?

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KatieMac Premium
lol if only there was a fool proof solution to it eh
Salem Premium
Thanks for the chuckle. I hate spam and, for gmail users, a simple filter will get 99 percent. Create a new filter and put term is:spam in the text section. Tell gmail to delete them. Works like a charm.
GreatTimes52 Premium
Your a funny Guy!
krazykat Premium