starting all over again

Last Update: March 19, 2020

Its all about losing your track and coming back to it. That's right, it is easy to lose your track in this stressy life but key is to return back. I have yet again lost my track and decided to come back to it. This also means starting from scratch again. After all its the commitment that will help you cross the line.

I have also revisited my website and decided to enter a different niche. I will have to literally start all my courses again but atleast its better than giving up. I believe in internet marketing - I just need some push and consistency as a lot is going on at the minute in my professional life. Its all about balancing your priorities and managing time which is what I am struggling at this moment in time. Never mind I have to mentally prepare myself and take a plunge yet again

I refuse to give up

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JeffreyBrown Premium
I've had to do this to, Anand!
JohaneG Premium
Good post. I refuse to give up and will never quit. Thank you for sharing.
starfalex123 Premium
Great Choice Anand! Thanks for sharing with us.Great having you backed. Fitzgerald
megawinner Premium
A great decision! Keep going! All the best!
Carson2 Premium
Glad you're back at it.
anand1209 Premium
Thank you @carson2