Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Discount - Is The Premium Membership Worth It?

Last Update: November 23, 2018

Last night, and on the first minute of the opening the Black Friday deal at Wealthy Affiliate, I renewed my premium membership at WA for another whole year. The Best investment ever!

You can take this chance here:


My original membership was going to expire around a month from now, the remaining month is still there and the new year of membership is going to be added on top of it.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Paid Membership Worth It?

In a word, a big YESSSS! Wealthy Affiliate is worth the price and much more!

I still remember eleven months ago when I joined WA. I was looking for a review of another program and came on Roope's review of that program where he recommended Wealthy Affiliate as the best place to learn affiliate marketing.

After reading Roope's WA review on his website, and although I liked it, but, it seemed too good to be true that there is such a place that provides all the training, tools and support for affiliate marketers, both beginners and advanced, at that monthly fee.

I decided to join Wealthy Affiliate for the free membership to see if this is possible and I absolutely loved the platform, training and the community since day one and decided to go premium on the same day.

A few days later, I decided that I would commit for a complete year in order to build a serious business, and so, I paid for the annual membership in the first week.

During the past eleven months, I learned a lot from WA training, live webinars, and from the community. But I also learned from my mistakes, which I will mention here in brief for you so that you don't repeat them:

Mistakes To Avoid As A Beginner In Affiliate Marketing

First Mistake: My first mistake was not going after a niche that I'm passionate about, or a niche where I can write quality content quickly without the need to do a lot of research. I went after the money making niche, which is probably the most crowded and most competitive in the Affiliate Marketing world and the one that takes more effort and longer time in order to get your content rank higher on the search engine results page.

My advice to beginners in this field is to go after other niches that could be related to passion you have, a hobby you like to practice, or something you are familiar with because of your past or present career and you still would like to write about.

This will make it much easier for you to write quality content faster, and the QUALITY content in many niches can rank higher and faster than the quality content in the money making niche.

Now my impatience, combined with the slow ranking speed in this niche, led me to the second mistake that costed me a lot.

Second Mistake: Falling into The Shiny Objects Syndrome.

Although it is difficult to convince me to just go after something because it is being heavily marketed, or because other people said that it can get you big results quickly, but I fell into this mistake.

I knew that there's really a very big potential in the affiliate marketing even in the most difficult niche, and that this method of making money online is the best on the long run, but I wanted to see fast results. And as a result of that, I thought of starting an e-commerce business that would make me money faster since I would be utilizing the paid ads and not wait for the SEO results.

But guess what, I ended up losing a couple of thousand bucks and a couple of months before I realized that also this kind of business has a learning curve and needs time, in addition to the money, in order to start seeing good results.

I got frustrated since I lost not only the money, but a valuable time that I could have spent building more quality content in my first website, or, I could've started a different website in another niche that is less competitive and easier for me to write about.

I stayed away from my business for a couple of other weeks before I decided to come back to writing content and keep building on what I already started and never look for opportunities elsewhere.

Gradually, I started blogging almost regularly and was able to get some blog posts into page 1 on Google, Bing and Yahoo. And finally, I started getting referrals and commissions. If I just was patient enough the first time and didn't look to other opportunities, I could've had much better results by now.

But it doesn't matter anymore, I learned from this mistake, and now, I know that the road ahead of me is still long, but I'm willing to continue and never look back at what happened or look at any of the shiny objects out there.

Wealthy Affiliate is truly the right place to start a successful online business and make passive income. Just trust in the process, in yourself, and keep taking action. Even if you deviate for sometime, comeback and start taking action again and don't be afraid to ask for help or for advice. This is the most supportive online community ever!

If you still haven't taken action and haven't upgraded to the yearly membership, I hope you do so as soon as possible. Don't miss this chance and stop looking for other quick solutions elsewhere.

Here's a link where you can grab this deal :


Wish you all the best!


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Congrats Amjad!

Wise decision!

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Thanks my friend!
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