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I've just logged into my ShareAsale affiliate account to see if I'm getting any clicks to my affiliate links on my new website, which is getting less than 10 visits per day, and found out that I have already made a commission on a product I reveiwed.The is a physical proudct, and the original price is much lower than what the referral purchased (Around $800), but it seems that they went to another option on the same website that is more expensive, which led me to getting around $134 in commissi
What Is Digital Nomadism?Is it a myth? Or you can really become a nomad and work remotely?There's a lot of misinformation and confusion about what being a digital nomad means, which either makes people think that it is just a myth to become a nomad, and then they don't try or take action.Or they might believe that it is so easy to become a digital nomad, and when they start taking action and don't see results, they give up early.I have written this article in order to let whoever is asking this
Hello fellow WA'ers!I'm going through the core training at WA and I'm writing this short Wealthy Affiliate case study follow up as instruced in the last lesson in the second phase of the OEC training, and I hope that you learn from what I have learned in the past two and a half years here at WA.The reason why only now I have created this post is that I was working on the bootcamp training, and the super affiliate bootcamp, and because I got distracted for sometime with "opportunities" outside t
Last night, and on the first minute of the opening the Black Friday deal at Wealthy Affiliate, I renewed my premium membership at WA for another whole year. The Best investment ever!You can take this chance here: original membership was going to expire around a month from now, the remaining month is still there and the new year of membership is going to be added on top of it.Is Wealthy Affiliate Paid Membership Worth It?In a word, a big YESSSS