My Wealthy Affiliate Case Study Followup of 2020

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Hello fellow WA'ers!

I'm going through the core training at WA and I'm writing this short Wealthy Affiliate case study follow up as instruced in the last lesson in the second phase of the OEC training, and I hope that you learn from what I have learned in the past two and a half years here at WA.

The reason why only now I have created this post is that I was working on the bootcamp training, and the super affiliate bootcamp, and because I got distracted for sometime with "opportunities" outside this great platform looking for a quick buck.

My WA Progress Thus Far

As mentioned above, it's been two and half years now for me at WA, and I have took several breaks from working on my website for several reasons.

My website has 218 blog posts, more than 50% of them are reviews for different programs, tools and services.

However, the traffic coming organically to my website is in the range of 300-400 unique vists per day (75% organic SEO traffic, %25 paid search ads), which seems very low compared to this number of blog posts.

However, my income ranges between $2k-$4k per month, which is a bit high when compared to the traffic volume.

These numbers might be a bit confusing, but the following sections will explain what happend with me.

The Niche I'm Working on

Multiple niches in one website!

This was the main mistake that I have made when I started my first website after I started the bootcamp training and because an affiliate of WA.

I went with a very broad domain name of 4 words, in order to be able to right content targeting many categories, before I realised that what I perceived as categories where actually big niches themeselves.

I would right a blog post about affiliate marketing, then next day about dropshipping with Shopify, the next day about making money with Amazon, the next day I would review an MLM company, and then I would write a post on keyword research, and so on.

This is probably the biggest mistake anyone does when they join the affiliate bootcamp.

Going too broad with niches causes the following issues:

  1. You find it difficult to research and write content fast.
  2. Google will get confused about what your website is and will take longer to rank any piece of your content.
  3. Money making and internet marketing topics are already very competitive, and even narrowing down still takes time to bring results, then imagine what happens when your website targets many of these topics at the same time.
  4. Multiple niches confuse the website visitors and they don't see your website as an authority in what they are looking for, and lowers the conversion rate.

So, if you have a very broad website, you better see what already worked best of the content you have already created and double down on that.

You can check what kind of posts or topics worked best for you through your Google Analytics and Google Search Console accounts.

Check this training by Jay on Finding Opportunities in Google Search Console:

Focus on one topic or tight niche, and later you can branch out as you scale.

Other Mistakes I've Done (Please, Read This Part & Learn)

Many mistakes caused me to fall short in my progress thus far and I hope you avoid these mistakes.

Here are some of these mistakes:

Mistake #1 - Keyword Stuffed NON-Brandable Domain Name

can you easily read and remember onlinepassiveincomeguide. com?

I'm sure your answer is no.

that was a mistake that negatively affected my ability of building a brand that people would remember and look for on Google.

Choose a domain name that has only 2-3 words maximum, and different from the old days, it should not only be a keyword based name (exact match domain).

You need something that is unique, so that when people look for your website on Google, Google would know that they want your website in particular.

Another tip is to niche down and go specific with your domain name.

For example if you go with the affiliate marketing niche, then it is better to choose a domain name like AffiliateMarketingNerds. com and not LearnAffiliateMarketingForFree. com

2 - Chasing Shiny Objects Looking for Faster Results

Every opportunity of making money online takes time, the key is to stay consitent and to persevere until you find the breakthrough that brings results, and from there, things start moving faster with the same amount of work.

I have been discouraged when I didn't get results in the first two months and I went to chase other opportunities like investing in CC and dropshipping, but I only lost money and time that could've been invested in building my affiliate business following in one learning curve instead of starting different paths at the same time.

Focus on one business, one model, one training program (WA), one webiste, one niche and keep working, learning from mistakes and adapting until you start seeing results.

Things take time, success doesn't come overnight.

Must Read: You Want Online Success? It Starts With Brute Force

3 - Reviewing Lots of Non-Evergreen Products

Many products, especially ClickBank courses just work for few days and then they die off.

And writing reviews for these courses was a total waste of time because they get me traffic for only a few days.

Focaus on products and programs that have longevity so that your website's traffic keeps climbing up.

4 - Procrastination

Even when I wasn't business with shiny objects, I wasted a lot of time procrastinating and thinking if I will ever achieve the success that older WA members have achieved.

This only resulted in wasting the most valuable asset: Time.

Worrying about whether things might work or not, if I should target that keyword or not, if the whole making money online thing is stupid and waste of time or it is worth it.

All of this contributed to wasting more of the time I could've used in creating more content that would've made me achieve my monetary goals faster.

If you still have doubts, don't stop and procrastinate for two or three months and then work a little bit and then procrastinate again.

Instead, work hard for two to three months and finish that training as fast as possible completing all the tasks, and then, you will see with your eyes that what you learn here really works. And if didn't work, then at least you have wasted the time only once, instead of doing it repeatedly doing nothing but worrying.

The Success Despite My Mistakes Above

Despite getting so low traffic volume on monthly basis, but I make between $2k-$4k per month, which is difficult for many people.

There are two main reasons for that:

1 - Paid Search Ads

Level 6 & Level 7 of the Affiliate Bootcamp are all about using paid traffic from search engines in order to scale up your business.

You have already created the content, some of it ranked and some didn't.

Depending on the value of the keywords that you tried but couldn't rank your content under, you can consider using paid ads in order to get ranked instantly on the top of the search engine and test if you can make money with these keywords.

This takes testing, optimzing and then scaling, and you need to invest some money in the start for paying for the ads (let's say starting with $100-$200), but when done carefully and patiently, you can make good money with this approach.

2 - I Don't Leave Money on The Table

Something I learned from this lesson from the affiliate bootcamp is not to leave money on the table.

Kyle advises that you always include your affiliate link for the products you are reviewing, even if you recommend better alternatives to them.

Some people will buy the products under review no matter what you tell them.

At least you have been honest with your website's visitors, then it's better that you take the affiliate commission instead of leaving it for some affiliate who just encourages people to buy every expensive program thorugh his link without telling them about better alternatives.

I have made well over $4k this year with this strategy from ClickBank products that I clearly tell people that they are overpriced and that there's a better alternative at a lower price.

My Plans and Goals in The Upcoming 3 Months

I'm always learning continuously from my past mistakes, and I adapt based on what I learn.

Here are some of the goals I hope to achieve during the following three months:

1 - Finish The OEC Training

I'm at the end of level 2, and I still have three other levels of the training that I plan to finish through the following three months.

Two weeks per level is more than enough for me, which means that I will finish the training in less than one and half month from now (Mid-September 2020)

2 - Refind My Website More Focusing on One Niche (Affiliate Marketing)

As I mentioned earlier, I branched out too soon and this slowed down the process a lot.

I will focus more on keywords and products related to affilaite marketing as these are the easiest in converting visitors into WA members.

3 - Create The Total of 45 Blog Posts

An article every other day is very doable for me now.

Actually, I consider myself to be very lazy. I could create at least one article per day, but I don't want to specify goals that I don't achieve because I like to swim a lot, and the following three months are the best for swimming.

After these three months, starting November, I will go back to writing concise landing pages and driving PPC traffic to them as I learned in the bootcamp training, but first I need to refind my website and make it tailored towards a specific audience.


Wealthy Affiliate Works.

Affiliate Marketing Works.

Making Money Online, with any method, takes time.

The only secret you need to know is that you need to stay focused, keep learning, and keep working consistently towards achieving your goals.

If you, like I used to be in the past, keep procrastinating and keep getting worried and distracted, then I recommend that you read Ryan Holiday's best-seller: The Obstacle Is The Way.

This short book is probably the best self-help book that I can recommend to you. It has helped my a lot in changing my mindset and my thinking of how someone can really achieve his/her goals, and I'm sure it would do the same for you.

But for now, go back to wherever you stopped in the training from the green button on the left sidebar, trust the process and keep working on what you learn here at WA without looking outside.

This was the my case study for my Wealthy Affiliate progress thus far with my website, my mistakes that I hope that you avoid as much as you can, and my plan for the coming three months.

Please, let me know if you have learned anything from this blog post, or if you want to advice me on anything.

Looking forward to hearing from you all!


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This was really comprehensive and encouraging, thank you! I appreciate your humility in sharing this so we can learn from your past mistakes.

You are most welcome

Very good rundown, it's good to hear someone else's experience.

Learning from others' mistakes can be really time saving.

First off, thats incredible that you make 2-4k @ month, with only 300 - 400 daily traffic..
Secondly, you wrote my story...grin. in Sept, I will have a year at WA, and I've just now reached a point where Im being more focused. After 5 or 6 misfires, I finally have a website that holds MY attention. I'm excited that finished creating this website, the next step is to write up and add reviews, set up ads and watch it take off..

Thanks for sharing. I bet there are more folks out there who can relate to what you've written..

You are most welcome Rudy!

You have working really hard and you deserve to finally have a website that you are really interested in giving it more attention.

Almost no one succeeds from the first try, unfortunately, most people with an employee background don't realize this, and that's why most of them give up too soon.

Looking forward to reading your case study soon!


It is a very educational post. Thank you for sharing.

You are most welcome!

It is my pleasure.

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