Recycle the postpage

Last Update: March 14, 2017

Create new From Old Content from existing post

  1. Finding new
    1. Turning them to original content
  2. Branding
    • Not curating that may be bad effect to ranking.
      1. Wrapped up
      2. Handpicked content from other source
      3. Social media can content curation, email marketing ,video marketingo
    • Prioritized : Change priorities ahead
      • Ranked content :
      1. You know that it will rank
      2. Ranked In the top ten of SERPs(1t page of google searching)
      3. Find new keywords by use google analytics
    • Popular content :
      • High volume of visitors (not mean a lot high conversion)
      • Related article to popular exiting would be popular too.
      • Internal link the related to existing
    • Aged content :
      • Outdate or old reviews
  3. How site will ignite idea
    • Site comment will help you gain addition ranked keywords
  4. How to find new revealed keywords
    • Key word by Google analytic
    • Find the post that ranked, popular, age
  5. Homework
    • 1.Find one ranked post using google webmaster tool
    • 2.Find One popular post
    • 3.Find One aged post
    • 4.Create three content and comment idea
    • 5.Write it down the worksheet

This is the interesting enjoyable video from Jay

This is the great video from Kyle that make new from old andlink it with “Internal link”.

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Nice going. Lots of hard work
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Thanks for the advise.
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