What a test of Character and Faith!

Last Update: April 09, 2018

Today my faith was tested and that of my husband.

Sunday is one of the most important days for the members of the Iglesia ni Cristo or Church of Christ like us to go to church and attend worship service. The other day is Thursday so that means we attend worship services 2x a week.

Today was no different except that we left my key which my husband inserted to the keyhole last night. He always does that for double safety purposes. He coudn't find his key and so he used mine.

This morning before we left, he asked me if I have my key I said no and was about to find it.. but he said "no it's ok just go". So I went and he locked the door and that was when he realized the key was still there.

We had 3 visitors yesterday who slept over and they were the first ones to step outside, had it my husband, he should have seen it and have gotten it but....

He was really pissed off... I didn't say anything, I wanted to say "why did you use my key when you are always using your key?" I wanted to blame him.. I wanted to say "it's your fault" but I shut my mouth to avoid any arguments.

We arrived at the locale and seeing the brethren and attending the worship service made us deal with the situation easier.

We went home. Ton planned to open it with a plastic card... tried several times but to no avail.

We searched the internet for a key technician and found one which told us that we had to pay 100 euros. Ton asked if they can send us the bill after the repair but they want it paid today and unfortunately we didn't have enough.

So he tried to call another one. The person on the other line said he will arrive in 30 to 50 minutes. He didn't mention about the price. Ton never bothered to ask.

After almost 4 hours of waiting the technician arrived. He used a very thin plastic foil and after trying 3x ... voila.. it opened. We were relieved.

Until we were charged. Ton and him were talking in dutch and I heard he said.. because it's weekend the charge is double.

I said "How much is that then". He used his calculator and said ... 353.00 euros.

I said "Oh my God".. and shut my mouth. I can't say anything anymore. I was shocked.

Ton didn't say anything. He just agreed. What can he do? He showed us the amount to be paid on a weekday which is 159.00 euros and it is double this amount on weekends.

I can't even managed to say thank you to the technician but forced myself to do that.

After he left, Ton said something like this ... "please don't say anything."

I actually don't want to say anything. What's the use?

Why was it a test of character and faith?

The whole time from arriving to our place ...to trying to open it... to wating several hours for the technician to come .... we managed to keep our cool amidst the "crisis".. but most especially my husband.

We kept our positivity, Even after the 350 euros charge for a small simple task that those people are so expert with...

But I can't avoid thinking this "How can such people take advantage of the situation?"

And that there are really people who are capable of doing it and are only after the gain (purely business) they can get.

Such people has no heart for people in need.

But our faith is not at all affected. The truth is that my faith got even stronger. My husband is new to the faith and it made him stronger. Was it a test of faith for him? I wonder. Maybe...

But money lost can always be earned.

And to people whose business is solely dependent upon "taking advantage of the situation" and setting aside the person's real need will not be very successful in the truest sense of the word.

This experience taught me a lot and my trust and confidence to my husband in handling any problems got even stronger.

I stay positive and I believe that our situation will be better with the help and grace of our Almighty God.

Not to forget and of enormous importance is to TAKE ACTION.

Have a great weekend.

Kind regards,


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bigrog44 Premium
Thanks for sharing.
amexrn Premium
Hi Roger,

Thanks a lot. Have a nice day.

Kind regards,
Arline :)
bigrog44 Premium
No problem, Arline.
Steven-A Premium
I hope the rest of your Sunday was more peaceful and rewarding.
God bless,
amexrn Premium
Hi Steven,

It is until now... thanks so much for taking time to read and comment. Appreciate it. Likewise, God bless.

All the best,
Arline :)
AlanJE Premium Plus
Sorry to hear of your predicament Arline. Sometimes mistakes happen and they cost money to fix, its just life, Best Alan
amexrn Premium
Hi Alan,

I know but I searched the internet and it was like a scam and according to what I read it happened to a lot of people already. They were even charged more than us. There was even 2 women charged with 580.

We were wondering why it took him almost 4 hours to reach our place. I found out it is a dutch company and it was a call center agent that answered my husband's call and was advised that they will arrive in 30 to 50 min which didn't happen.

I had to connect the dots and of course the technician came from the Netherlands or maybe even Germany (since the company was owned by a german) which is about 2 to 3 hours drive or more to Brugge.

In the article, people were even advised to report it to the police if they happen to encounter this kind. I sent the link to my husband and I wonder what he's gonna do. He hasn't read it until now though.

But I guess it will just be paid so then it will be a thing of the past.

Thanks for your comment, I appreciate it.


Arline :)
AlanJE Premium Plus
Hi Arline, Yes I understand better now, and sympathise even more. The internet has so many scams on it, for unsuspecting consumers. Best Alan
KimberlyD2 Premium
Hi Amexrn! I'm glad that you and your husband past the test. We are tested from time to time, to see what action we will choose. Both of you and your husband kept your cool. That was a good choice, especially with the guy that charged you 350 euros. He should have told your husband the price over the phone, then he would have made the decision to call the first person back that was charging 100 euros. Don't worry because you will get that back double fold.

Thank you for sharing your story. Faith and patients should be a daily practice in our lives.
amexrn Premium
Hi Kimberly,

Thanks for your comment. I really appreciate it. You know the lessons I learned?

We specifically my husband should have persevered to try and try until we opened the door. I was even advised by a brethren of a way how to open it and told it to my husband but he said "what if it didn't work?" He hasn't tried yet but gave up already.

I understand how he just want it done but we kinda paid the "price".

But we were both kinda in "panic" as well especially Ton. He should have checked.. etc.. etc.. he should have done this and that because he's better in checking that, because he speaks dutch better than me..

But it's no use .. I charged it to experience - Mistake done - Lessons learned.

Tomorrow is another day and it's gonna be great this time. :D

Best regards,
Arline :)
JerryMcCoy Premium
It does sound as if it was a test of faith but it was also a test of commitment, to see if the love was in your heart and not just on your lips.
amexrn Premium
Hi Jerry,

Thanks for taking time to read and comment, I appreciate it. It was most probably a test of faith.

I actually didn't elaborate much about it because my post will be longer but this wasn't the first time, it was the 2nd time it happened but different scenario. His patience was at stake too.