Part time work from home while camping in the rain

Last Update: June 28, 2019

Part time work from home while camping in the rain...

So last night I decided I would get out and go camping. The summer is really just beginning to take off here for us but it has been raining a few days a week. Most rain on record for this time of year! Lucky for me, I get to work part time from home, or while camping in the rain.

Camping is a relaxing fun time so why not chillax and get some writing done :)

When you know its gonna rain but you do it anyways

Sometimes you will run into a rainy day when you have plans to be outside. If you ask me, the rain is an enjoyable, beautiful thing. For a lot of people, if it is gonna rain, they choose to make plans that involve staying out of the weather. I on the other hand, think its time to get outside, maybe go down the river or play in the mud.

Make the most of it when plans get screwed up

If you can make the most of it when plans get screwed up, you can bring true value to the table. We all desire to have things go our way all the time but we also know that is impossible. Still sucks when our efforts for a great day just seem not to happen.

When plans do get screwed up, you can have a positive impact and turn any blah situation into a better one... even in the worst of times.

Let's see what the weather is going to be like today

In my area they are calling for off and on light rain showers, some moments of sun with a chance for thunderstorms that may last through the day. Prolly make a great day for fishing! :)

Gonna keep on camping and enjoying the cool rain :) It is supposed to go away and clear up by the evening hours.

Why my Wealthy Affiliate blog is about the camping in the rain

Most of the time when I blog, there is an agenda, or at least a main point I wish to make. Well, my point this time is to give you encouragement.

When you find yourself making plans for your business here at Wealthy Affiliate, you may realize things are not going as you had hoped. This is when you need to make the best of it and of look forward to the sunny days ahead.

Here I am, camping in the rain and still enjoying the freedom and ability to work at the same time. This may be the best time I have ever had while working!!! :))))

Enjoying the work we do thanks to Wealthy Affiliate.

If there is anyone reading this and thinking about if joining WA is worth it, ask yourself if you are okay with working while chilling in your favorite location.

You can enjoy going to the coffee shop and sipping a latte while doing what you do on your laptop?

You can enjoy relaxing while playing on your phone or tablet?

You can spend some time every day sitting around playing your laptop or device?

Well, if you can say yes to any of those, you may enjoy building a building an online business in your free time.

You can write/blog a bit on your downtime or while you are on vacation and that can be your JOB!

Just like me, I am camping in the rain while writing this WA blog post. This is part of my JOB! How amazing is it that I can chill in the cool breeze, listen to music and nature, and dance in the rain, all while working!!!

The sun is starting to peek out from behind the clouds now so now I am gonna lay out and enjoy the sunshine. I will still be able to chat and help out around here off and on today. I look forward to the relaxing day of part time work from home while connecting with you all here today :)


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EdwinBernard Premium
Hi Amelita, great points indeed. Working on my own business is so much more fun even if it’s in the rain like you said. Much better than working in a job in a comfortable office for a corporation.

I appreciate your great encouragement.


Amelita Premium
Hi there Edwin
Well said.
Working at a corporation would be nice for the socializing but Wealthy Affiliate community provides us with plenty of interaction.
It would be hard ot fully enjoy blogging career without WA as it would get mundane and lonely.

Easy example of how this is the best place to be for building an online career.

Thank you for the appreciation.
Cheers to you as well.
MKearns Premium
Camping in the rain can jump start creativity!
Amelita Premium
Yes it sure can Mike :) It is inspiring.
I am still camping, 3rd night now and it seems the rain is done with for a couple days maybe. Today was sunny all day, now I need some aloe for my sunburn LOL, not too bad luckily:)
dwojo Premium
I absolutely love the messaging. I love your images. Looking forward to more
Amelita Premium
Thank you for the compliments Diane
Hope you are having fun building your way to success! :)
EHR Premium
Ah, camping! My earliest memory is from a camping trip. I was just about one and a half. Camping Still makes me smile.
Amelita Premium
Good ole camping memories :)
Eugene, it was nice of you to stop by and comment on my post. Hope you can make some more camping memories soon.
BrendaMZ Premium
Yeah, we had bad raining storms for a few days, now the sun is out also. Have a great weekend enjoy the camping.
Amelita Premium
Thank you Brenda
Camping is pure bliss to me, I may just decide not to leave, haha.
So much rain lately right! Gotta make the best of it though :)
Hope your weekend is a good one too, thanks for stopping in.