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Adding the adsense code to my page?

Adding the adsense code to my page?

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Where do I add the Adsense code into the HTML on my site between the and tags?

Hey Amelia,

In order not to have your code overwritten when you update your theme, here's a great plugin you can use: to place your HTML code in the Header textbox provided by this plugin.

Hope this helps you.

Hi, Amelia. Please see attachment. I have highlighted in pink box where you can insert the Adsense code. It is in between "<?php wp_head(); ?>" and "</head>".

Hey Rachel,

You need to clear your browser cache (I had the same issue!) so that your screen prints will upload and be displayed properly.

Here is a lesson that may help: I hope this helps you out.

I read that but it doesn't show, how to add it to my site. where do i access the html of my page.


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