How Fast Is Your Webiste? SEO Loves Speed

Last Update: March 16, 2019

Hello Dear WA Members,

I will not waste much time formatting this post. Please forgive the way it looks.

As I'm digging around, learning more about SEO I came across an information I could not keep secret as many of us may not know anything about it.

And yes the title says it all but not entirely.

One really important thing for SEO nowadays and this will not change, is the Loading SPEED of your WEBSITE especially on SMARTPHONE.

For SEO Fast Loading Site = Better User Experience

Take yourself as Example. How many times do you open your laptop to google a recipe or a How-To?

We want something and we want it now. It's like waiting in a queue at supermarket. We keep on monitoring the next line to see if it's going faster, and if it does, then we switch.

Well SEO is doing the same. Between two great contents, it chooses the one that load faster.

I Can Hear You Wondering How Do You Fix That?

  • First start by checking how Fast is your Website on both Mobile and Computer HERE, and see what they advise you to do.
  • Next Activate AMP on your pages can be of a great help.
  • Optimize your image using an image optimizer Plugin
  • Don't overload your site with Widget
  • Don't hesitate to ask more experienced Blogger.

I hope this will help you in somehow, or at least make you curious enough to dig deeper and if you ever find anything, please share with us.

God bless you All and have a Lovely Weekend,

As my mom says, Love the human and learn to love the being...


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DonnieNorton Premium
Hi there, I agree with you 100%. If your website loads too slowly, I guarantee that your readers will leave and not wait for your website to load. I wish you all the best
NnurseBecca Premium
Excellent advice and presentation. Thank you!
beachwood Premium
Excellent advise! Could not agree more!
boomergp08 Premium
Correct! User Experience or UX is a major ranking factor and though there are many aspects that make up a better UX, website page loading speed is the top!
Susan4247 Premium
Mine loads pretty fast, the only thing I dont have is AMP, thanks!
Amedome Premium
Hello Susan, happy to hear that. You have been doing a great job. Mine need to be optimized a bit. Keep on the great work.