What is the Success of the Effort?

Last Update: November 16, 2019

Hey, Everyone, I think, all are doing well in your business. First, I wish best wishes your online business. Today, I am going to tell about what are the categories of success? I suggest to join this post, think, do you feel this different success can be seen in the current society.

The Success Of The Task

According to my knowledge, the success means, if anyone can complete task from the start to end, is called as a complete success. But we can see three different success. Every people cannot reach destination of the success.

What are the Starting Efforts?

When we explain how will be the final, many people have an interest in go to final, then they start. They have starting efforts. for instance, when we apply to be a soldier. For the first interview, we can see many more applicants. All they have starting efforts be a soldier. Likewise, there dare many people like to start online business when they see the success stories or some earnings from the online business.

What are the Continuing Efforts?

Because of the understanding of process and its hard work or with their impatient, many people are not continuing their work. They only start their work.

For instance, starting soldiers cannot continue their training because, some qualifications, some health problems, sometimes, because the hardness of the practice. Such as online business, many people start online business, like some more members create free account on WA, sometime, they do their work one month as a premium member. But, they haven't tolerance to continue their online business. They don't participate training. They are lazy to learn and apply something to the business. Because, many people have only starting effort, But, no continuing efforts.

What are the Final (ultimate ) Efforts?

According to my experience and knowledge, some people haven't final efforts, because they continue their works. But, some, money problem, some time, their impatience for the final task, or ultimate achievement, final target. They withdraw their task. They haven't their mentality to overcome obstacles up to the victory. Or wait until the winning post. Likewise, online business or many business success stories, they all have so many obstacles, but, they wait until their successfulness.

One Story, I can explain, I think, you have known about that, One Olympics games

Year: 1964 Olympics Japan

Person: Karunananda represented Sri Lanka

Event: 1964 Olympics men’s 5000 meters

Karunananda continued the run alone up to the final point, even after the others had finished the race.
You can see the video on YouTube.

I heard, Japan people, they added this success of effort of Karunadanda, for their school books too.

That is only one story everyone knows in the world. There are many stories we heard success with many more obstacles, problems, difficulties, etc. In your country also will have such success stories with more and more obstacles?

Everyone has their level obstacles, but none mention. And they try to overcome anyway, such obstacles and hardships, their target is winnings,their destination.

In such a way, I mention to WA members, success will not easy, as well as not hard too. If you think, learn, apply, if you have patient until the destination, all will be true or succeed. Think a bit of your success.

Thanks for your participation, and I suggest you join to share your comments and suggestion.

Thanks so much


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WMarshall1 Premium
Yes Sam, it is hard work and persistence. It is easier to quit then move forward to success.
At WA there is so much support and training it is a terrific platform to be successful.
All the best.
AmazeCPS Premium
Thanks Wanda your particiaption to share your comment.
Babou3 Premium
The important thing is to give everything in our work and to reach our goal because we are all capable of doing it at our own pace.

AmazeCPS Premium
Sure, do our work with all capable, then can reach expected target.
Thanks Ingrid
laparra1 Premium
Good Morning Sam,

It does not really matter how long it takes. The main thing, do not give up and you will reach your goal.
Greetings from the south of Spain, Taetske
AmazeCPS Premium
OK, thanks your joining
timstime20 Premium
Great analogy
Thanks Tim
AmazeCPS Premium
Thanks Tim
jojocinq Premium
We will succeed at our own pace with hard work
AmazeCPS Premium
Yes, of course