How Can You Measure Your Financial Success, Money or Time?

Last Update: August 01, 2020

Your financial success cannot be measured by money, it is measured by time

Financial success is something we all aspire to. And it's something that many of them difficult to achieve.

However, the main reason why financial success has become so difficult for many to achieve is that many people pursue financial success but do not have the minimum knowledge required to achieve it.

Important Subject to Learn

Money is a subject with a very wide range. But 80% of the people living in the world do not learn this subject. In a nutshell, they do not even know that There is such a subject to study. That is why they often think of financial success, building the path they want to take to achieve it based on the theory that they are right but financially unfavorable.

Let me give you an example that everyone can understand. When we ask ordinary people whether saving money is important or detrimental to their financial success, almost 99% of them say that it is a good thing.

But if you ask people who are already financially successful, they say that saving money is not a good thing to be financially successful and that it should never be done.

Financial Theory

Because financially, concepts like saving money are socialized not for the sake of creating the rich peoples, but for the sake of sustaining the poor and middle-class peoples. Because if these people are not maintained at a suitable level, the balance of the world will automatically be disturbed. In a nutshell, there will be no people to work for under rich people, if this group would collapse.

But, the Wealthy Affiliate does not discriminate for anyone. All are the same in different countries. if you have efforts, skills and dedications, you can build a dream business and you can earn. Wealthy Affiliate support them totally for their success, help their success

So, you can understand what I’m saying, many people in ordinary society measure their financial success by their money. From his assets and money. But how to measure it among the rich, or how to measure financial success according to the concepts built for the rich I mentioned earlier is different.

It is time, not money, that is used to measure financial success.

Generally, financial success according to these concepts does not depend on the amount of money you have. It depends on the two measures of time, namely financial stability and financial independence.

So, I tell you, patience is more important, time is more important to success the business. Keeping mind and do your work, one day you also will be in among the rich peoples.

Good Luck your Success

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pken35 Premium
Thanks for sharing, Time is money. So value your time.
AmazeCPS Premium
Thanks Kenny.
philmedia Premium Plus
Very thoughful piece, in reality I know rich people and poor people who are not happy so it must be a greater issue than just money alone.Thus you get the phrase cash rich time poor. However if you are time rich and cash poor that seems like an opportunity if we are prepared to put the work in. Thanks for sharing.
AmazeCPS Premium
Sure. PHIL. Thank
LenMise Premium
Thanks for the post about time. Great!
AmazeCPS Premium
You are welcome. Good Luck
james5273 Premium
Time is precious. Great post Sam. Thanks for sharing.
AmazeCPS Premium
It is a pleasure. Good Luck
AlyseS Premium
Thanks Sam! Time is important... I agree.
AmazeCPS Premium
Sure. You are welcome.