Procrastination and a New Niche

Last Update: December 18, 2015

I should have known this was going to happen... I knew what niche I really wanted to embrace when I had an epiphany moment a few weeks ago. Two niches, actually. But that was my first mistake. One niche at a time! I kept telling myself this, but didn't listen.

And guess what?! I got nowhere with both. Thinking retrospectively, there is absolutely no shocker there!

Then I pick one. And stuck to it...

Until I realized that it would need a lot more prep work. (A wellness / alternative health niche site, and since I want to post medical "opinions", I should really have a medical disclaimer.) So I spent my time very well looking through all the WordPress theme options. By "very well" I mean "sarcastic". (-___- )


This was a good move. I decided to focus on my other passion-niche idea: unspoken communication. So, body language, microexpressions, "listening between the sentences", graphology, cognitive psychology, etc. in everyday life.

Another waste of time: for some reason, I felt the need to make the pages perfect before writing any posts. The About Me, About (the site), etc.

I also spent a good deal of time doing keyword research and search-trend research.

Fed-up with having all these puzzle pieces lying out in front of me—but none yet assembled—I finally decided to outline my first post and start writing. I started two days ago and finished today.

Talk About a Passion

I didn't even realize how passionate and knowledgeable I was about this stuff! My first post is almost 1900 words. I don't have images in there yet, but geez! I struggled through writing my content past 400 words on my first site!

Now I am so into making this passion of mine a niche authority site! Just have to keep going. Just will keep going.

This blog post is to serve as my accountability for myself.

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ClareG Premium
Great post, certainly resonates with me. I have been procrastinating about everything being "perfect" (what does that mean anyway...) and just not DOING anything! Thank you for sharing!
alpsntacos Premium
I like the implied "I know what you mean"! :)
bia2k Premium
I know the feeling, I am experiencing the same thing.
Wishing you success with your new niche! :)
paulgoodwin Premium
Hello and that is so like when I started I went with one niche but did nothing with it as my inspiration completely went but then one day just returned and decided to turn my hobby into my business if that makes sense and so I am forging agead because I love what I do but some of my blogs are 2000 words and some only 1100 but it is the content that counts so well done on getting your self sorted out !
alpsntacos Premium
Thank you! That's exactly how I feel—"sorted out"! Finally getting it!