3 months at WA and still building to succeed!

Last Update: September 09, 2015

I joined WA 3 months ago and I have learnt so much and I have built my site to a point where I can apply for affiliate programs..so far along with WA links ..statravel, booking and amazon associates..these links are blended in well with just 1 banner on my whole site, I have internal links and great relevant keywords, I just watched a webinar on how to get rankings..thanks Jay, I have twitter, facebook and google+ accounts. Everyday I check google analytics and jump for joy to actually see someone from Russia and The Netherlands actually viewing my site. I have got ranked as far in as page 3 thats a great start . I am thrilled to read inspirational blogs about other peoples success which motivates me so thankyou everyone..

I have created a travel website about funding your gap year and provided readers with information about raising funds including travel hacking tips and other tips for funding travel including volunteering programs. I have not started to monetize yet but I know if I can just keep going and making sure my content is valuable and helpful then I am sure my hard work will start paying off.

I am soo unbelievably determined to make this work and I'm grateful to have all this information and community to assist at WA.

For all members at the same stage as me who have not monetized yet..dont give up because if we have all followed the training here we can I absolutely believe we can have great success. just dont give up!! if you get knocked back, change it, pick yourself up everytime!!

All the best.


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hkorbmac Premium
Thanks for the inspiration Sarah! And yes, life is pretty amazing!
rog37 Premium
You are doing really well Sarah. Keep up the great work and we will be together at the very top!

Alpine15 Premium
Thanks for that Roger..Its very exciting, All the best to you too.
CherylK Premium
Excellent post. I'm two months in and feel right so encouraged by your post. You are so right...this life IS pretty amazing!
Alpine15 Premium
Thankyou Cheryl, I wish you all the very best and I really like your site..: ) lots of ideas there
PjGermain Premium
Outstanding!!! Stay motivated!

"Build it and they will come!"
krazykat Premium
Awesome blog. Thank you! Keep going!