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Last Update: May 23, 2019

Yelp's Iconic Night

So a fun fact about me is that I'm a Gold Elite Yelper. I won the Yelptime Achievement Award this January 2019 for my "yelping" around Tampa Bay. Many of you may not even know that Yelp had such communities, but they do. As an Elite Yelper we get to eat at local establishments, experience new activities and go to fun events!

Last Sunday when everyone else in the world was watching the Game Of Thrones finale I was attending a huge Yelper Party where we had to dress up as an Icon. I chose Janet Jackson from the That's the Way Love Goes video in the 90's.

Here's a few pics of me trying to channel my inner Janet:

I had a lot of fun. My husband went as Pitbull...only because it's easy because he's bald and Hispanic!

It was exciting guessing what icon everyone was. I got a lot of Selena, Beyonce (I put temporary hair color hair is black) and I even got Pochahontas! I guess the Native American style chocker (popular in the 90's) had everyone guessing all over the place!

With Yelp we do these types of events a few times a year. Here's one where I was a cigarrette girl at a Great Gatsby themed party:

So we had a great time. There are perks to being an avid reviewer on Yelp. Once you write tons of reviews don't be shocked if you get an invitation to become Elite! It's a whole world of fun! Well, just a fun post to give you a little insight on what I do in my "free time."


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Good to see that you guys enjoy!
have a good day!
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Fun times!! :)
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The goal of life is joy.