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Last Update: April 23, 2019

This is for my Son

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So, it's been a while. I joined WA in November 2016. I created a few "static" sites for business purposes and never really became a blogger. Time wasn't on my side becuse my specialty food distribution business I left my IT job for took off tremendously and all my extra time went to growing the business. Maybe I just lacked the passion or a good niche. I held on to WA and paid the yearly fee because I strongly believe that even if I don't use the awesome training, forum and tools, the hosting, especially the SSL inclusion is worth keeping my websites on the WA servers. I have a couple of websites still hosted at GoDaddy and believe me the SSL certs are not cheap.

Well, this year I'm pretty much back in full swing on WA. Not really for my own blog, but for my Son.

My Son

My kid has been asking me since he was 9 to start a YouTube channel. Since he was developmentally delayed I always worried that people would notice that, although he is a smart boy it takes him a moment to process things. With people being so cruel his father and I decided to have him wait until he's older. We put him off for 4 years. He is now 13, gets straight A's in middle school, is in honors math and honors civics and we were told they want to put him in honors language arts next year. He still processes things slower than his peers, but he's so bright! He's also proven himself to be thick skinned and he has maintained his own personal Instagram account without us having to intervene. Since we are huge foodies we pretty much spawned a baby foodie and my Son wants to be a Chef. Again, he's known this since he was 8 or 9. He asked for 4 years, "Mami, when can I start a YouTube Channel?"

This year I gave in and decided to help him with his first YouTube video and was shocked at how comfortable he was in front of the camera and in front of the stove! So, we created his YouTube Channel, Chef NelSazon R (he created the name himself without my now we have to wait for Google to allow him to update it!). Until then we are also stuck with this long URL...(I removed due to the rules, but can be found in my profile). :)

Once we created the first video I figured it was best for him to have a blog. So, last month I logged back into my WA account, bought a domain and started the creation of my son's blog
which is coming along nicely. Wealthy Affiliate is such an awesome resource.

I'm learning and relearning everything about wordpress at the moment here on WA. All the while learing YouTube, how to work with photography, video, video editing and I'm even diving into Instagram!

I still have my business to run and a family to attend to. Somehow my Son's passion is inspiring me to put in the extra time to do this! So, I'm here for my Son.

Biting the Bullet & Sharing

So far we've only shared his blog and YouTube channel with a few friends and family. I haven't even made the website searchable! WA is the first place I wanted to share with "strangers." WA has made me feel safe with the support that I've received and witnessed here over the years. I think it's safe for me to share my son's work here on WA before sharing with the rest of the world!

If you have it in your heart to subscribe to my Son's YouTube Channel and like his videos it would not only warm my heart, but it makes him so happy!

You can even take it an awesome step further and visit the website and follow him on Instagram.

Thanks for having me back and most of all supporting my Son. :)

P.S. Since my son is not a part of Wealthy Affiliate I am very much open to any critiques on the website here. I need all the help I can get!


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RichBrennan Premium
What a lovely, heart warming post. I'm just about to retire for the night and I'm off to my bed with a nice warm feeling inside to end the day with.
I've subscribed to your Son's website and his YouTube channel. I loved his recipe for Caribbean Chicken Curry and, as a foodie who also loves to cook, it's one that's on my 'to do' list.
I wanted to comment to help with his rankings too, but I couldn't find a way to do so on his site and the comments are disabled on his YouTube channel.
So sad that people can be cruel at times, especially when they perceive people as 'different' and possibly more vulnerable. Good for your Son for taking it in his stride and also to you for being so resilient about it. I've got 2 young Sons, aged 10 and 8, and they've both been on the receiving end of a bit of bullying. No worse than what other kids get, they don't get singled out or anything in particular, but it still hurts when it's your kids, and makes you angry too.
I really hope your Son has found his passion and pursues it to the best of his obvious ability.
Wishing him, and you also, much deserved success!
Rich 😃👍
AlohaMelani Premium
Rich, I'm fighting back tears reading your response to my post. It's not easy being vulnerable...especially when I've had to keep such a hard exterior for my son, but again I feel safe posting here.

I haven't allowed comments on my son's YouTube channel due to fear of how it may affect my son if someone says something cruel. I need to build up the courage for that, but I'm sure we'll get there.

Thank you so much for liking and subscribing! I bet he's already noticed!

RichBrennan Premium
That's a very understandable reason for not allowing comments yet, Aloha. As a Dad, I'd probably do the same.
I promise to let you know how the Caribbean Chicken Curry turns out!
Rich 😃
RoseAnn1234 Premium
I wish you and your son all the very best. There has been a lot of training lately from Jay in the live events section on YouTube which you may find helpful.

However, you do need to remove the links in your blog and add them to your profile. We can't self promote on these blogs.
AlohaMelani Premium
Yikes! I'll remove the links...I saw the link chain and thought it was much I need to come back and review. Ugh.

I did see that Magistudios has YouTube training!

Thank You for the heads up!