Changes occur quickly

Last Update: March 29, 2017

Life can change rapidly, especially for those of us of older years.

Christie managed to spend a lot of last week in ICU, Heart and Lung Unit. She is now sporting a permanent pacemaker after her heart beat developed a decidedly irregular pattern, and she became distressed with difficult breathing. She is now home and recovering well.

Now paced at a sedate sixty beats and prevented from gardening, house work, her work as a massage therapist, and driving duties, she is adapting well to her,self appointed, supervisory role in our business activities especially WA. We may well become more efficient.

Our dog and cat were confused by her/our absence last week, sitting in front of my chair in the late evenings evenings demanding me to produce her; their version of Habeas Corpus. Since Christie's return, they have not left her presence, no doubt complaining about my inferior service, and ensuring that I do not choose to disappear her again.

A small unit with its attached modem ensures her pacemaker is working properly. It is attached to a phone line providing data remotely. Its blinking light, in time with her heart beat, is our peace of mind.

Apart from scheduled medical and therapy visits, in and out, we are returning to normal. Other outcomes defy contemplation.


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suzzziq Premium
Wow! I'm so glad that Christie is doing better:). Prayers for her...
VeronicasLuv Premium
You two seemed to be a well oiled machine, Larry with a lot of love. All the best with Christie's recovery, making adjustments, and being under the watchful eye of your dog and cat.
jetrbby80316 Premium
Wishing Christie the best and happy she is doing better. Thank goodness for the dog and cat.
paulgoodwin Premium
I think animals are smarter than us!
DShensky Premium
animals especially cats can scense when something is wrong and when someone is missing they know it intuitively. When that person returns they will latch onto them and not let go