Time Management

Last Update: Dec 30, 2017


How to Organize Your Schedule

Time management is directly related to how well a person organizes his or her schedule. I suggest creating an "ideal" calendar - either on paper or electronically - so that you can manage your time, and not allow your schedule to manage you.

Your calendar needs to be used as more than just a list of scheduled appointments and time commitments. This is important, but not the most important way it can be used. One key in establishing your "ideal" schedule is to manage it, and don't allow the calendar itself to become your time manager.

What is an "Ideal" Schedule?

An "ideal" schedule will vary for each person, but there are a few basics to keep in mind. Make sure to organize your schedule so that your physical, mental, and emotional health is maintained. In order to do this, break up your schedule according to days, weeks, months, and quarters during the year. Getting your work done should never be more important than making sure you are getting enough sleep, rest and recreation time, as well as quality time with your family.

Ask yourself this 2-part question: "What matters most to you? and "What necessities need to be placed on your calendar?" Your answers may (and in some cases should) include things like your kid's activities, family time, volunteer work, and time with close friends.

Your personal growth will be a natural outcome of how you organize your schedule. Take time to take classes or attend seminars or webinars. But make sure you schedule them at times that don't interfere with other obligations. And if you have a passion to learn a musical instrument or train for a marathon, schedule these type of activities and events during days when you can be 100% focused on them.

"Do Not Forgets" vs. "Do Nots"

In regards to your "ideal" calendar this may seem obvious, but there are certain tasks and deeds that you don't want to forget, and others that you do not want to include. Specifically, don't forget to take time to relax and have fun. Include your family and friends so that they can support you in this vital part of your existence.

As a reminder, the "do nots" are things that conflict with what's most important to you and/or don't contribute to what is most important for you to accomplish. You will know best when these arise and become obstacles in your schedule.

Your Ideal Schedule Will Never Happen!

Now that I've laid out the how-to's to make up your "ideal" schedule, you need to know that this will never happen! However, all the effort and energy you put into it will reap positive results. As a result, you will have a "real" schedule that will help you manage your valuable time.

In addition, the work you put into creating an "ideal" schedule will catapult you toward developing your vision and your life goals. More info on setting goals can be found at http://bit.ly/2tABHLW, where you will find 7 steps on how to reach your goals.

Additional Thoughts on Time Management

  • Another important point is that when you do your scheduling, be flexible. Your clients and/or co-workers schedules and meetings times will not always line up with yours, so be ready to make adjustments.
  • Your mindset should be intentional, but never random. Allow for a few options , but be careful in not allowing others to dictate your "ideal" schedule.
  • There are many calendars that can be utilized to create your schedule, but I recommend using Google calendar. It gives you the ability to select from a variety of different calendars, and to view your "ideal" and "real" calendars side-by-side.
  • Always keep moving forward toward your vision and implementing your future goals.

Have a prosperous and healthy 2018!

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Great read, Allan. Lots of stuff to ponder on.

Thanks for sharing.

Yes don't let it get away from you. Control it Allan!

I schedule the unforseen
Half a page per day
Works fine

And real stuff gets done too

Have a wonderful 2018

Thanks for your response. Keep on pressing forward!

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