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Last Update: July 04, 2015

Hello to all of the WA family!

I finally found some time today to sit down and jot a quick Blog post on my progress here at the big WA. It has been an awesome 4 weeks for me, and I am steadily working towards my 3 month goals that I have set for myself. Admittedly, I have slowed down a bit on putting up new content for my site, but I haven't been lazy! I have spent the last week or so getting an E-product developed as an incentive for subscribing. I have also been working on my email subscription forms, pop ups, etc, as well as landing pages for email sign ups and social media clicks. I would like to have been able to get this done a little faster, but there is still the learning curve to deal with. =)

I decided to focus on the subscription aspect of my site before I try to ramp up visitors in order to get the most from each click. All of this should be completed by next week, and it will be back to the content grind!

Thanks to each and every one of you who have helped and inspired me so far!

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jaydeb08 Premium
well done Allan I to am nearly into 1 month here its an amazing place to be
BillandSue Premium
That a way to go! We are about a month into WA and love it. Best wishes for a successful business.
Bill & Sue
grantCA Premium
Wow, sounds to me like you've got a lot done in the past 4 weeks. Keep moving forward to your success!