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July 04, 2015
Hello to all of the WA family! I finally found some time today to sit down and jot a quick Blog post on my progress here at the big WA. It has been an awesome 4 weeks for me, and I am steadily working towards my 3 month goals that I have set for myself. Admittedly, I have slowed down a bit on putting up new content for my site, but I haven't been lazy! I have spent the last week or so getting an E-product developed as an incentive for subscribing. I have also been working on my email subscriptio
June 15, 2015
I have been involved in the wealthy affiliate community for just a little over two weeks now, and my has it been an awesome experience. I have had the opportunity to learn a ton, meet some really good (and helpful!) people, and get my site up and running with quality content. I am blown away by how helpful everyone here has been from the start, and I am truly thankful to each and every one of you! Going forward, I would like to ask ANYONE who might have any questions to reach out. I enjoy being
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Today I took another step toward my goal of owning a full time online business. I upgraded to the premium membership. Although I haven't yet had time to go through everything that even the free membership offers I have put my trust in this community! I have learned more here in 5 days than any of my previous months of crash course programs or blindly searching google for answers to singular topics. I truly enjoy the material presented here and the people that are always ready to help or even off