Dangerous Email Links - Be Aware!

Last Update: January 30, 2020


The scammers are still flooding the Internet with links and making it harder and harder to provide safe, clean links to potential customers.

I received this email today ... it appears to be from Apple Support ... seems a bit odd ... I hover over the link ... look what shows up in the url at the bottom!

Always check a link before clicking ... if it is not going where you think it should ... don't click it!

Also today, there was a News Article, about an Insurance Company in Canada which was ripped off for over $1 Million by a malware attack, called Ransomware.

All it takes is single click and it locks up your computer until you pay the demanded amount of money!

CTV News Article


(This link is safe)

Be safe ...


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RVsRock Premium
Just received an email regarding a VAT invoice, VAT being a Value-Added-Tax, from AWS...AWS being Amazon Web Services.

I don't recall ever signing up for AWS, but the email looked legitimate, with the Amazon logo and all.

There was a link in the email prodding me to view the invoice, but I never click on links unless I am absolutely sure of the origin.

I contacted AWS and am awaiting a reply to see if this was for real.
CherryRed20 Premium
I remember having something similar like that happened to me where my computer got locked up, until it asked me to pay a hefty fee of $300 to have unlocked. All I did, was that I kept rebooting it until I finally got to log back in.

Anyways, thank you so much for sharing with us and I'm sorry that this happened to you.

jake809 Premium
Hi, I sometimes get emails like this in my Hotmail. People that disguise themselves as YouTube, Netflix, and I think PayPal. Never click on the links and always check the email address. the email address we'll be a giveaway that it's a hacker. Then report it as a as a scam. And the email servers well report it and try to prevent it further that way.
AbnerDean Premium Plus
Thanks Allen.
This is a major concern. I've almost been a victim more than once.
I think it was a phoney apple scam and when I got thru with this clown I called Apple, and they agreed with me.
I responded to an email and ended up calling this guy.
He wanted to verify the card I used. So I gave him the number not realizing that I hadn't activated the card yet. He came back and asked me for another card number. It was then I realized it was a
I don't want to ramble on but something else would be to allow someone to access your computer by remote.
I have used it successfully a few times, but one time I busted this guy, cut him off , and the guy locked my computer. Beware.
allancurtis Premium
Dean, yes allowing a "support" person access should never be allowed, unless you initiate the support call and you confirm they are from the company you contacted.
LorrieP Premium
I always check the sender email address, it's the easiest way to prove that it did not come from an official sender. Also check to see if the grammar is generic and incorrect, then delete. Do not respond or reply.

When in doubt call the company direct, whether it's Apply, your bank or other types accounts to see if they notified you.
allancurtis Premium
Good advice Lorrie ... you can never be too careful!