Need comments for this :)

Last Update: December 21, 2014

This is my Blog site, it's doesn't have any content yet but I'm seeking a spare time to work on it. Let me know where I could do some necessary changes to get running well. I added WA referral Banner to my blog too.

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Maxiam59 Premium
left a comment on your site all the best
allan5 Premium
Thanks Maxiam! I'll do my best
lincolnquick Premium
Hey Allan,

If you want to promote Wealthy Affiliate and start making serious money with the WA Affiliate Program, head over to the Affiliate Bootcamp and go through the courses.

Kyle outlines pretty much everything that you'll need to know.

If you do want to go down the WA Affiliate path, I recommend you choose your Affiliate niche, find a good domain name, start off with your first three pages (Privacy Policy, About Me, and your main content page for your niche).

After that come up with three "themes" and create those pages. Use Jaaxy or the WA Keyword Tool to come up with low-hanging fruit keywords to help you write content about your three themes, in whatever direction you choose.

Again, it's all available in the Affiliate Bootcamp section--as since you're a Premium Member you have full access and can host unlimited domains--your own domains and not from BlogSpot--here at WA.

You will need to buy your own domains or use free ones (like BlogSpot) or use SiteRubix. I recommend taking the plunge and buying one through

Before you do any of that, please go through the Affiliate Bootcamp lessons and follow all the instructions. I did it and my Affiliate niche site is going rather well after less than a week!
allan5 Premium
Hey! I just visited your site. Cool uh! :) So thanks for the comment here. I'm looking for a spare time to develop my blog site. When it's all done I'll give you a shout...:)
lincolnquick Premium
Sounds great!

I'd love to check it out and help anyway I takes a long time and lot of patience to build a site. My best advice: follow the trainings here at WA, keep up a schedule with a time commitment, and don't give up. Get stuck? Let us know here.

You may run into problems OR stumble across other sites that offer suggestions, but beware. As other WA Members have posted certain SEO techniques found elsewhere to boost your site's traffic are not only outdated and don't work, but can actually hurt your site. Follow the trainings--don't do much else than what's said here.

If you have questions, ask them here!

Best of luck!
allan5 Premium
I heard you loud and clear! :)

Thanks a lot Lincoln,
Best of luck to you too!