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Last Update: May 02, 2019

I joined WA as a Premium Member on 18th March.

I have published 9 articles to my Wordpress site since then. That is not enough. The experts like Sotoris and Andy from Yuma Bloggers, people who have been in the business for years, people who are making money with blogging and affiliate marketing, point out that in order to get traffic we need 3 posts weekly. That is a tough goal because I am struggling to come out with one on a weekly basis. Nonetheless, it seems I have written 11,170 words in this time and that I am told is 91% more than the rest of WA. That shocks me. I am not doing enough, so what is everyone else doing?

I am an avid follower of Google Analytics and look every day to see who is looking at the site. I notice notice plainly that if I am not posting articles the visitor traffic sinks. I am a published author and have been writing articles for years. In the good old days when SEO writing actually paid something I did a lot of that kind of work. I was fired from the last coop for being too slow. My retort to the comment might also have had something to do with my dismissal! I think we were expected to write 5/500 word articles per day I also had a regular newspaper column, but that was simply weekly copy. My current posts are in the region of 1600 words. I like to do thorough research and brush up on content and style. This all takes time.

I do have a lot of articles under my belt. I know I need to speed up and I need to syndicate stuff so it gets out there and brings traffic to the site. I have been noticed by Google for 4 of the 9 articles. I made page 1 position 2 at the beginning of the week. That's fleeting glory as one quickly loses the position. My last post was last night so it's early days for that.

I think I will go back and rehash old articles and effectively re-write them. That will give me the traffic I need, at least in the beginning. At the moment I don't want to spend too much money commissioning articles from writing mills like Freelancer.com. I believe Ineedarticles is good but they are expensive. This is a business and the point of a business is to make money. I am also looking for sites that syndicate material which one sends out as press releases etc. The beauty of syndicated material which can turn up in all sorts of unexpected places is it gets around the duplicate material challenge.

There is this buzz word about native ads. I don't really understand what that means but Outbrain and Taboola are companies that work in this field. Content Coop sounds interesting as a concept, too. I need to research these much more thoroughly. But here's the catch if I am to write three articles per week I simply don't have time for all that research on matters extraneous to the posts themselves. In essence, I need to complete the training and write the articles. That leaves very little time for all the posts that flood out from WA members.

What is the purpose of this article? Essentially to succeed in this business as far as I understand is to write articles which drive traffic to your site and this raises the money. It's a big job. Assuming I have got that right, I am looking for suggestions and comments from those who have succeeded of how to increase that much-needed traffic as quickly as possible.


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FKelso Premium Plus
You are moving forward, and that is what is important. Just keep going. I, too, am looking for ways to increase traffic. I think we all are. We just try until we find a way.
nurselizstar Premium
Thank you so much for your post Alister! I am in awe of your writing skills and a bit guilty of not upholding all that is necessary to have a winning website. I need to kick my own arse and get going!! Thank you!!
Yay Us Indeed!!
RAFStuart Premium
Thought that I was doing well, but am way behind you.
yangetmaij Premium
Great information. Very encouraging and I think I am so negligent in that area.
Nwebster89 Premium
This is great! When you have some answers and information, I ask that you share those insights with me. I am in total agreement with what you have shared and I too have those same concerns. Good luck in your search for success.
alisterbrede Premium
Yes, I will. I see you have followed me. Thanks a lot. I find private messaging on this site difficult. Perhaps, we can find a better way.