Will be back online sometime next week(hopefully)

Last Update: August 30, 2019

Hello my WA family. I won't be going online in WA, after's tonight Friday night training session with Jay. Will be srarting hurricane preparations tomorrow for a possible strike by Hurricane DORIAN here in Miami. Hopefully I will be back online sometime next week providing we have electric power. You all have a wonderful and safe Labor Day weekend. God bless!

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MaxineW1 Premium
Stay safe, hopefully Dorian will dissipate before she does much damage.

God bless to you & your family & friends.
wammark Premium
Pray that DORIAN will be diverted away from making landfall but should it, sounds like you’ve made adequate preparations. All the best!

We are Blessed
Palatia Premium Plus
Maybe you be safe and get back home safely with everything intact... Paula
Torgom Premium
I hope Hurricane DORIAN will forget about you altogether. Prayers going out to you and your family!!! Be safe and God Bless!!!
Richard153 Premium
Prayers going out for you.