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After reading this Wealthy Affiliate review, you'll know exactly what Wealthy Affiliate really is, the two ways you can make money with Wealthy Affiliate, and if this platform is really the right thing for you. So I was really skeptical about 5 months ago when I joined the program that would teach you how to make money online, especially when I had lost a few thousand dollars before when I joined two of these affiliate programs that promised instant money(get-rich-quick scheme). There are so m
AS I said, just in case you were wondering: is your website "mobile fiendly" to Google?:Go to the follwing site: sure enter the https://your website name. If you don't enter the https:// it will come back with a "not found" error.Again, just in case you didn't know.
Now that I have finished level 5, I'm going back to all the training lessons that dealt wit KEYWORDS and see if I can determine why I hardly getting any traffic on my Website.
I thought that I was beginning to understand the WA rankings, until this week. I was told that my rankings were going down because I was not writing any blog posts. It's very hard for me to write, for some reason or other. In college, I paid somebody to write most of my papers, so I could concentrate on my other subjects because writing used to take about half of my time. Anyway, I started this week on Monday and my ranking was 6909. I published one blog post and my ranking on Thursday was 664
I just completed my fifth level of training so I went back thru all my training lessons that had anything to do with "Keywords". I went thru the 2 or 3 lessons that Kyle had, and the one Webinar by Jay dated January 18th of this year. I went to Jaaxy before I wrote my posts to choose appropiate keywords with high SEO rankings. I also had only one keyword per post like both Kyle and Jay suggested, since Google doesn't like when you have multiple keywords per post.Well, this is what has happened
April 24, 2019
I finally finished level 4, which it was the worst level for me . I do not like Social Media at all. It took me over 2 weeks to complete it, but here I go. Hopefully, level 5 will be more to my liking.
April 24, 2019
Just came back from a wonderful vacation on a wonderful country Turkey. Learn so much about history in those 2 weeks, thanks to our wonderful turkish lady guide. Things that I have not heard or read since my High School and College days, and believe me that's many many years ago. We came back with a very positive attitude of Turkey and its people.Anyway, before I left I was feeling a bit discouraged because I only had one(1) keyword indexed in Google, and one(1) keyword indexed in Yahoo.I got
Ater 3 months at Wealthy Affiliates these are my accomplishments:I became a premium member 2 days after joining.3 days after, I upgraded my Jaaxy to PRO.I built my first website that includes 6 posts, 2 pages, and 1 reviewI got indexed by Google on one of my keywords, page 10, position 91.(I'm not discouraged though).I got indexed by Yahoo on 2 of my keywords, page 1 position 1 and page 1 position 3.(I'm very pleased about this, however who uses "Yahoo" any more?)I became an Amazon Associate, I
February 11, 2019
So, slowly but surely, I completed LEVEL 2 training last night. The current niche I'm working on is Educational Robots. Robots that will impact our children's education for years down the road.I recently had a "GREAT SUCCESS" in our family life. I became grandfather for the first time. My plans for the next 3 months are to finish all my training and then make a successful online business thanks to all the training and support from "WA".