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Good morning my WA family. I'm back. We were so fortunate and blessed regarding Hurricane Dorian. We only felt a few wind gusts and some rain here in Miami. My thoughts and prayers are with those poor souls in The Bahamas. Thanks again.
Hello my WA family. I won't be going online in WA, after's tonight Friday night training session with Jay. Will be srarting hurricane preparations tomorrow for a possible strike by Hurricane DORIAN here in Miami. Hopefully I will be back online sometime next week providing we have electric power. You all have a wonderful and safe Labor Day weekend. God bless!
Good evening my WA family. I have 8 of my keywords ranked in the top 5 in Bing and Yahoo, I have 8 more keywords ranked in the Top 10 in Bing and Yahoo, yet for these 13 keywords, none of them are ranked by GOOGLE. Has anybody out there had this problem before, or is it just me. Does anybody have any suggestions. Thanks for listening and have a wonderful evening.
August 20, 2019
Good day to all my wealthy affiliate family. After almost a month being away, I am now ready to start again in WA. I have been keeping in touch with WA, I have read all your posts/blogs and training. Have a wonderful day all of you. Thanks.God bless you all!
August 01, 2019
My friends, I've been out of town since Monday on a family emergency. I will real all your blogs?posts training soon as I get back. Have a great weekend! Thanks.
For my fellow WA Associates that worry about WA rankings, Do Not. I had a ranking of 2190 on June 1st, as of today my ranking is 4513. I have decided to ignore these rankings, because they don't mean a thing. The most important thing is continue with your training and work on your websites and get some Traffic thru them.
This is just for anyone that is so perplexed and upset(as much as I am) about these mysterious WA rankings.I have gone down from 2212 to 2952(a whooping 740) since the first day of June. I have come to one conclusion. I must have done very bad things in the past 30 days. So, in conclusion I'm not paying attention to the rankings anymore.
After reading this Wealthy Affiliate review, you'll know exactly what Wealthy Affiliate really is, the two ways you can make money with Wealthy Affiliate, and if this platform is really the right thing for you. So I was really skeptical about 5 months ago when I joined the program that would teach you how to make money online, especially when I had lost a few thousand dollars before when I joined two of these affiliate programs that promised instant money(get-rich-quick scheme). There are so m
AS I said, just in case you were wondering: is your website "mobile fiendly" to Google?:Go to the follwing site: sure enter the https://your website name. If you don't enter the https:// it will come back with a "not found" error.Again, just in case you didn't know.
Now that I have finished level 5, I'm going back to all the training lessons that dealt wit KEYWORDS and see if I can determine why I hardly getting any traffic on my Website.