Finally finished Level 5 of my training.

Last Update: May 13, 2019

Now that I have finished level 5, I'm going back to all the training lessons that dealt wit KEYWORDS and see if I can determine why I hardly getting any traffic on my Website.

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Kyle Premium Featured Comment
How often are you creating content? Are you getting engagement within your content?

Those are typically the two most common reasons people are not seeing good indexing or rankings in Google, that and "time". Usually around the 3-6 month mark is when you will start to experience breakthroughs in search engines.

You want to post on your website a minimum of 2-3 times per week. This is what will lead to your website gaining authority and if you do this over a 3 month period (consistently), that is when you are going to start to really gain traction in search with any given website and lead to much more in the way of rankings.

So make sure you have a consistent writing schedule where you are targeting keywords with every page and post you create.

Also, focus on getting more comments and engagement going within your posts.

We have a SiteComments platform here at WA where you can get comments on your pages/posts. Within the SiteRubix menu under SiteComments you will be able to gain access to this platform. Here is the direct link:

This is great for getting engagement on your website (which leads to rankings) and this is what I suggest you do with every new post you build on your website.
alfredg1948 Premium
Thanks Kyle; I try to add a new post every week to my website.
Babou3 Premium
Really great job!
Now you are walking on your success road!

alfredg1948 Premium
Thank you, Ingrid.
LLettau1 Premium
Congrats for the achievement.
Cherry21 Premium
Congrats. No the real works begins. You can do it. Be Blessed.
alfredg1948 Premium
Thanks Cherry; have you finished level 5?
Labman Premium
Have a look at the live Events Training as well. There are many pearls of wisdom hidden in these trainings.
Joes946 Premium
Wow...congratulations! Good job.