A koala Bear the Moon The Dream Time Losing a Voice and Paying It Forward.

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Foggy Memories.

The dream time was way back a time when things were different they may have been, and then again, they may have been a dream. The dream time is an Aussie thing.

Many things from the dream time have meaning today. Back in the day, koala bears could speak,, and boyo could they talk, mainly about themselves and how good they were and how they would never do what others would do, just because they wouldn't stoop to that kind of behavior.

Koala's good mate Roo used to say, " for goodness’ sake, zip your lips KB. "

KB would say, " I know, I can't help it, I am just so happy, did you see me this morning swinging through the trees? Pretty cool, aye, nothing can beat me when I am in the zone, I need to let everyone know".

"Oh KB, you just love the sound of your own voice."

The moon overheard the conversation; " so you think you are fast, I am the great moon that never grows old, do you think you can beat me in a race."

KB thinks about it; " I am pretty fast," he thought, " I think I could moon. A race it is".

"Very well a race to that tree on top of that hill two valleys away."

Moon and KB lined up, the moon knew it would win experience, and age counts for much; Koala was a sucker and easy beat.

The race began,, and in a flash, the moon darted across the sky and was waiting for KB when he finally made the finish line, huffing and puffing spent on the finish line. KB gave it his best shot, just went hard out, laid everything on the line, he arrived second, to the finish line where a gloating moon was waiting, and in a race between two, there is only one position that counts.

"So you thought you would beat me the great moon that never grows old. You lost, and for your arrogance, I shall take your voice from you".

Poor KB, he pleaded; "no, no, please don't no. moon.... Ma Ma ba Ma ba," so it was KB, lost his voice.

Later Mara-Mara called for a visit; in the dream time Mara-Mara, ( loosely translated as the language ) would walk and talk with the dwellers on the earth, how are you today Koala; Koala replied; "Mar Ma ba narms ba" (. A sound similar to a chainsaw that's not going so well.)

Mara Mara responded, "What has happened here.?"

The moon chimed in, " Koala thought he could beat me in a race; The great moon that never grows old; he lost, and for his arrogance, I took his voice from him."

In the dream time,there was a hierarchy; each level had different powers; what was done could not be undone by another.

"What were you thinking moon, you know what has been done can not be undone even by me; was that not harsh."

"I am the great moon that never grows old. He could never beat me, he deserved to be punished".

Well, Mara-Mara was none too pleased: " you are more arrogant than little koala who you punished so servery, we all have our good points and our bad points, we should be forgiving and accept each for what they are and not judge. "

"From this day forward, when you become full in the sky, you shall wax and wane until you vanish from the sky only to grow to your splendor to wax and wane from this day for all eternity."

"But Mara Mara, that is not fair; I am the great moon that never grows old."

"You were fair to Koala, Moon?"

This is why the moon does what it does every month. It is reminded of the time its arrogance got the better of it.

I think there is a parable in there.

If you haven't clicked on, this platform pretty much runs hands-off; from observation over the years, if something goes wrong, Kyle and Carson quickly resolve it. Other than that, it runs on autopilot. We are here to learn?

Yes or no?

As members, we rent space here; in doing so we are afforded resources, knowledge, and training.; we do not pay. We lose access—a pretty straightforward and an ongoing arrangement.

Unless I am approached and asked to moderate or police the forums, it has nothing to do with me. I will be honest over the years, I have stepped out of the shadows and given the odd experienced-based serve sometimes in public, mostly not; better to contact fellow members via the PM system, once you have made your point, then leave it alone. You have done what was necessary at that point for you to do. One thing I have noticed, sometimes people are thankful and sometimes be prepared for a small hurricane, especially if it is a popular member. Then why court heartache? Well perhaps WA is more important than all of us; perhaps sometimes it is necessary to step up.

One of the cool things about WA is that it is a spam-free zone and as such certain behaviors and practices and promotions are off-limits and are not permitted. This creates a safe environment to learn and engage in. Learning how to implement the best practices when it comes to blogging and creating an online business is the key.

I want you to stop and think, about WA and what its core values are for a minute, also what constitutes spam? Given we have the opportunity to create and share content, we are way ahead of people who are connected to other platforms and take it from me; there are many. Perhaps not with the longevity of WA; they are there.

The learning here in WA is very subtle. It is designed by design or evolved to help us succeed. It is up to each individual to work out the best way to do that. Over the years, I have seen so many members come unstuck, lose their way and give up.

Currently, we are in a season; like all seasons they come and go.

Going back a number of years, we had a similar season, members would create excessive content; it started innocently, one would post daily then in order to compete twice daily, then three times a day, then a training a day and ask fifty questions a day. Just for good measure. Trawl back over posts and answer questions and reply to posts of members that were no longer active.

What happened was the content suffered, the emotional sence of the platform suffered; no real value; it was slowly drowning the platform. People were creating so much lower quality content; it was becoming unsustainable. At that point, the marketers began to leave the house. Like school, you have the popular kids, and then there are the ones that have to work hard for every penny, just like life.

Back in this time, you would turn up and not know quite what to expect from day to day; there were factions and different cliques, it was rather exciting. As a newbie, you just kept your head down and got on with it. Shall we just say; there were big personalities and leave it at that. Rank was the perennial topic, oh and questions back then, the system was such that if a question was asked and answered ( great question, I don't know the answer, hopefully, you will get the right answer), it got knocked out of the question forum, at that point, it was very frustrating, because the member asking didn't get an answer, today is way much better.

You would see an article on Search Engine Journal or Wordstream or that PLR ebook next minute it was posted here as a training; some folks would post what we know today as "insta posts' 3 every day like clockwork. I think I am painting a picture.

It was crazy times, and you could probably see from the little that I have said that through this time there was a lot of tension building in the community.

Some Reflections;

As of now, one of the things we need to realize is that it is not our platform; it belongs to Kyle and Carson; if you stop and observe, they have created an opportunity for us all. I think that we can become too inward-focused and miss the subtle business learning opportunity that WA is.

They have way more on the line than we do as members; they are entrepreneurs and teachers; with that teachers provide the opportunity for students to learn; I think that they are doing a terrific job. As members, one of the things we can do is to be like the big brother and sister and help our fellow members and also to trust in Kyle and Carson's leadership. Believe me, when action is required, they do not shy away from making and taking action on the decisions that they have made and are necessary. Over the years, some of those decisions could have been show-stopping and platform destroying. They have continued to stick to their vision; there are many take homes in that for us as we build our individual businesses. No less than paying it forward, adopt that way of life, things will change in your life.

They still took them and stood behind them. If you have been around for a while, they were out on edge in most cases.

Take Note;

As members, we only get to see a small fraction of the backend of WA. It is not our problem or our concern; our job is creating our online presence, and if we engage here in WA, do the best we can to bring value.

Trust in the process, trust in Kyle and Carson, trust in our fellow members.

I will leave you with this one; there are no aspersions cast; back about four and a half years ago, there was this member every piece of content turned to gold, and you guessed it butter wouldn't melt in their mouth, then a " write ban "; poor me being picked on, in the background same member was spamming new members and not so new members via the PM system offering their writing services with a very convincing sales pitch, very quick to pounce on other members indiscreations, ( they are inactive and I imagine they will not return).

Like I say, we don't get to see that back end, just like the general public doesn't get to see the back end of our WP business platforms.

Play nice, question and push the boundaries, do the best that you can, and try not to fall into the biggest online trap.

Judging others based on your assumptions, remember it's just a phase. The coin is double-sided. In diversity, there is much learning and experience to be gained, and that can, if we are focused, add zeros to the bottom line.

While I am on a roll, I like Jays take, with a little twist, "try not to create drama and try not to buy into dramas."

Both do nothing to enhance the balance of your Pay Pal account.

You're thoughts, if any, would be appreciated? Oh, and thank you for reading.Not trying to cause upsets just presenting a different perspective.

Alex Evans.

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A good discussion on a currently much-debated issue. Thanks for the perspective, it is a good one to consider and very true. Debating issues within WA will not do anything for my bank account.

WA is a good platform, full of great people. There will always be a bad egg or two in a platform of this size. Kyle and Carson have it under control and I appreciate what they have developed and allow us to do.

If we are not moving forward, we are slipping back.


Wise words Alex, it was a long post, a chance for some reflections, looking back, we have come a long way, and we continue to move forward. I agree the platform is full of some very positive and forward-thinking people. We are well placed to follow and share. Kyle and Carson have created something special, and WA is the place it is due to the people here.

Your last statement says it all Alex, thank you for sharing.


Honest perspective. Appreciated the post! 🤔 very thoughtful.

Hi William, glad that you enjoyed this post.

Great lessons
Thanks for sharing, Alex.

Hi Muslimah, just some reflections from observations over the years.

I really love the perfect picture you painted
You started off with an awesome analogy to describe what is happening

It was engaging and I gained some many insights

You have given value, after value and I do appreciate and I will take on board all that you have said and left unsaid and all that I have to read between the lines

As a community we continue, to evolve being here long term we get to see the seasons come and go. We can learn so much.
Thank you for your thoughtful response Simone.

You're welcome, Alex

Great post Alex thanks for sharing :-)

Hi Lisa, you are most welcome thank you for reading and commenting.

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