Daily Goals - Have You Written Out Yours Today?

Last Update: April 25, 2019

Hello dear WA Friends

This is going to be a short one.

What are your goals for today?

Here are mine:

1. Write and publish a blog post for my site

2. Record and publish two videos for my YouTube Channel

3. One post for my FB Page (if you'd like to follow me click on the link in the FOLLOW ME section on my profile - Thanks!)

4. Two posts for my Instagram account (if you'd like to follow me click on the link in the FOLLOW ME section on my profile - Thanks!)

5. Answer emails

6. Work on the email series for my blog (45min)

7. Work on the email series for my YT Channel (45min)

8. Write a short blog for WA

This might seem like a long list, but some tasks I've already done this morning. :)

My kids are in the nursery today so I'm going to use the day to the full.

No TV, no wasting time on Social Media, no unnecessary phone chats...

My priorities are taking action every day and not worrying about making things perfect.

What are your priorities?

What are your daily tasks for today?

Have a great day everyone! :)

Alenka :)

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Recent messages
MElumir Premium
nice goal...keep it up.
AlenkaV Premium
Thank you! You too :)
AlanJE Premium Plus
I need to get going with my daily list of goals too, Alan
AlenkaV Premium
Go for it!
I'm off to record the first video for today.
Have a productive morning/afternoon :)
Pastordna Premium
Hi Alenka,
Mine is similar as yours except that I must confess that keeping to those daily goals is where the battle front is but will overcome.
AlenkaV Premium
Yes, I agree. Keeping to the list is another matter altogether.

But, I feel it really helps if I write things down (pen&paper; - the old fashioned way, too). Somehow, I feel more motivated to cross the tasks off my list.

Wishing you a productive day,
RAFStuart Premium
Hi Alenka,
Write out my goals everyday, if time permits before I go to bed so that I know what I am doing the next morning. Like you have already completed a number of them for today, but will not spend time detailing them here, as I have an SAC Blog to write. lol.
AlenkaV Premium
I will take a leaf from your book and start writing mine out now in the evening too :)
PPeveto Premium
Seriously these are eerily similar to what mine are, that is so cool!

Thanks for posting!

AlenkaV Premium
Have a super-productive day! :)