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Last Update: March 04, 2017

Noticed my traffic is starting to reach a sustainable level as long as I ad more blogs on an almost daily basis. I know it's not possible to blog every day, but the solution to every website traffic problem is still the same - ad more worthy content.

It's a compounding curve - you keep writing - you get better at writing - your traffic increases - you learn to write about things that your audience likes - the quality of your content improves - and the traffic increases!

Love seeing results! Someone once said to me: "You cannot steer a parked car."

This means if you get in motion and keep adding content to your site, keep reading your traffic stats and keep improving, your success will grow.

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paulgoodwin Premium
Sounds good and how many visitors are you gett s day now ?
alanoneill Premium
Only a hundred unique visitors a day Paul, but the results are more predictable now.
paulgoodwin Premium
Well I think 100 a day is great and if you can build it up you will get results soon
allchristie Premium
I can feel your progress. An inspiring read, thanks.
NickHoyt Premium
What a great quote and mindset to have! Just keep on going and never stop!