Has anyone had exponential growth with their traffic and sales?

Last Update: February 21, 2017

I haven't yet, but I am seeing some growth. I've been staying with my new year's resolution and adding 2 blog posts to my websites each working day. Well as much as I can at least. The average has actually been around five or six blogs per working week.

Still better than none.

The results have been three times the increase in visitor traffic. Mostly from a particular link that went viral (130 visitors in one day!), and I have also had six product orders from my Amazon links. So the results are building.

So my results are not exponential yet, but they are growing. What about you?

Keep on - blogging on ...


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WilliamBH Premium
Great result .. yes you are on track. Cheers, William
DaveSw Premium
Exponential traffic, yes for a period of time...Depending on the content as you experienced, I will get a spike which then drops off over time...

Cumulative figures show that the trend is upwards, meaning that what is taught here works (in my mind)...It is a marathon not a hundred yard dash...

Income-wise, I started with nothing of course, so that has gone up quite nicely over the past almost two years....My goals have been set higher this year, though, so a long way to go yet!

Overall I am content with the way things are progressing. I will continue to push until I can;t, which hopefully will not be the case for a very long time hehe!

Dave : )
alanoneill Premium
Thanks for your reply and your insights Dave. Best of WA to you too. Alan.