Looking Back In Hindsight

Last Update: July 02, 2020

It's been coming up to 2 years in October 2020 that I have been a member of WA and decided to look back at and evaluate the 70 plus articles I have created on my blog. Starting from the earliest ones I could not believe what I was reading or the keywords that I chose for these posts. At first, I felt like deleting the site and giving up as the writing was so bad.

In spite of this, I decided to keep going and NOT give up. So I have just spent the last 5 days updating rewriting some of the old posts and so pleased I did why? As I started to analyze the newer posts I realise how much my writing had improved.

Not only that how important it is to select the most effective keywords for each post to get the best results.

I have to say it was a painful experience but well worth the effort why? It proves the point that we learn from the training here at WA however bad you think your writing is (and we are our own worst critic lol) practice makes perfect.

The point is in life it is important to take 2 steps back in order to take one step forward. I would be interested to learn if any of you WA members have had this experience look forward to your comments

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JeffreyBrown Premium
Keep going, Alan--the more you write, the better you will get!

Joes946 Premium
Great job.
AlanBenney Premium
Thanks, Joe how are things going here at WA