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It's been coming up to 2 years in October 2020 that I have been a member of WA and decided to look back at and evaluate the 70 plus articles I have created on my blog. Starting from the earliest ones I could not believe what I was reading or the keywords that I chose for these posts. At first, I felt like deleting the site and giving up as the writing was so bad. In spite of this, I decided to keep going and NOT give up. So I have just spent the last 5 days updating rewriting some of the old p
November 30, 2019
I have been a member of WA for just over a year and was going over in my mind whether to continue as a member of WA or NOT?It is so easy to take for granted what an amazing platform Kyle has created and that is what I had to take into consideration before I decided to jump in and go premium for another year.Although I am not good at getting involved in the community as I have so many other things going on which I should really (going to improve in that area) the training tools support is some
November 23, 2018
Its been a busy first 6 weeks or thereabouts in the WA program. Managed to build 2 websites on my own domains, published 37 articles phew!. In this day and age I feel sorry for people that have to tolerate a job they hate. I was amazed to find out recently that 85% of people hate their jobs and are trapped in the rat race of 9 to 5 and so grateful I am not one of themI keep thinking that I am going run out of ideas but with this amazing training here at WA the inspiration just keeps on coming.
I can't take credit for this statement but it really jumped out at me and got me to thinking why people settle for a minimum wage. I understand that not everybody can change their lives just like that but many people can which begs the question is how?We have all heard this a million times before but we all need to remind ourselves how powerful reading motivational books is and has to be an essential part of maintaining a million dollar mindset. For me the 80/20 rule is my way of maintaining
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I have such fun with this training what used to be work is now fun" I am very fortunate to have found this WA platform it is hands down the best. This paricular training took a little longer as this was a cleaning up lesson of my social media accounts learnt so much thanks to all at WA
Wow it has been a busy challenging 2 weeks but I am very pleased with my progress so far. I have created 14 posts and 5 pages. Joined Get response and created 10 follow messages and a optin form on my website.I have really had to clean up my social media accounts but getting there. I have managed to get through almost 6 levels of this amazing training. I have mastered the keyword tool which I struggled with starting out but now Wow! this is worth its weight in gold. I really thought that I w
October 20, 2018
Hello WA Family I am new member only a few days but in that time I have created my Website followed the training built all my pages and created 5 posts and bought my domain and my website is up and running on my own domain.I have been marketing online for more than 15 years as I recall and have to say I have taken my knowledge to another level with this awesome training loving every minute of it Thank you all at WA stay posted and stay positive that is the key