My BIG Take-Away from SiteComment section yesterday

Last Update: May 18, 2019

I love SiteComment section of WA. I spend around an hour on SiteComment section regularly. It helped me to find wonderful websites of members within WA.

Yesterday, I found a website where the review of a book was written.

Book title was very catchy, I skim through the content and without leaving any comment on the website, I searched for a book in Audible, straightaway.

I found the book and purchased it, as it was relevant to my niche.

Today I spent 3 hours listening to that wonderful book.

Experience was no less than a ELECTRIC SHOCK over my mind.

It is very powerful for any business person or marketer.

The name of the book is:

"10 Pillars of Wealth" by Alex Becker

I believe such books are supposed to be the Text-Books for all Entrepreneurs.

I'm feeling pumped up after spending time with this particular book.

Consider picking up a copy of this book. Hope you will find it useful, as well.

Thanks for reading this post.

If you have any such 'Electric Shock' experience after reading any book, please do let me know. I love reading transformational books.



P.S. Thanks to Vitaliy for sharing that awesome post on his website.

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JonlinePH Premium
Thanks for sharing! from the title of it, I could just sense its inspiring! will check that out. thanks for sharing!
AkshaySaxena Premium
Thanks, I'm sure you will like this book.
ERichardson1 Premium
Good afternoon my friend, thank you forgiving that information, and I'm going to take you up on that. I'm going to check out the book . I've been so involved with my website and writing my own book, as you know I'm a writer. I haven't had the time to read a good book so with your recommendation I'm going for it have a beautiful weekend my friend.
AkshaySaxena Premium
Hi, glad to know that you're a writer. I'm sure, you'll like this book.
All the very best for your own book.