The Ultimate Sales Question Revealed

Last Update: November 12, 2019

Would you like to make more sales? Would you like to make more money? After all, that’s why most of us are here at WA in the first place, isn’t it?

It really is quite simple… but there’s a catch.

There are all sorts of tips, tricks, and techniques out there for making sales. Countless books have been published that all claim to teach you the secret to making more sales and, ultimately, making more money

I should know; I’ve practically read them all. LOL

There are thousands of books on each step of the process, and what seems like a million on just closing alone. Each book teaches different strategies, some simple and easy, and some complex and sleazy. Most are somewhere in-between.

But you don’t need all that. Seriously. I have tried using fancy scripts that promised to include “power words” and “hypnotic language”. I’ve used them in retail sales and online, and after much struggling and too few results to show for it, I began analyzing where the process was breaking down.

Then, one day, I had a breakthrough after a sales manager friend of mine spoke these words…


I’m about to get slightly crude with my language, so if that might offend you, please stop reading.

Right now.

You still with me?

Great. Get ready to learn the “secret” he revealed...

One day, when my sales were in a slump for what felt like the 500th day in a row (I don’t think it was nearly that bad, but it sure felt like it), my friend and I were discussing my numbers and he said he knew exactly what my problem was, and it didn’t have anything to do with statistics.

He said it was all me. Ouch!

He went on to explain that in any sales interaction — face-to-face, over the phone, or even online — the customer is looking at you and always has one primary question, what he called the Ultimate Sales Question, running through their mind:

“Do you actually give a shit, or are you just here to sell me shit?”

Wow! Talk about a kick in the chiclets, right?

He showed me that while I was well-versed in product knowledge, and I had all of that sales knowledge in my head from all the books I had read and courses I had taken, none of that mattered one bit because the customer could tell I didn’t really care; I was there just to sell them something. It was all about me.

He then directed me to one of the greatest sales trainers who has ever lived, Zig Ziglar, who once stated, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

Affiliate Marketing

The work you do here at Wealthy Affiliate, and on your own sites, is governed by this same law. For example, to often we get caught up in all the fancy bells and whistles of what a product does (features) that we don’t translate it into what the product does for them (benefits).

But it’s more that that.

You can be really good at explaining to a reader that they’re really not looking for a 1/4” drill; what they really are looking for is 1/4” holes. That’s features vs. benefits.

Nevertheless, if you don’t explain it in a way that shows the reason you’re even creating the content in the first place is because you truly care about your reader’s well-being, you still won’t connect.

One of the best — and most humbling — compliments I ever received from a WA member was when they stated that what made me so amazing was not just because I was so knowledgeable, but because I “always put everything out there 100% and never hold back.”

See the difference?

Now, go forth and do likewise :-)


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cris1018 Premium
So true. Great read this morning, AJ. Thank you for today's inspiration!
AJTrimble1 Premium
CathyAllen Premium
Indeed. I'm never quite sure how my articles come across. I try to write in a way that would motivate me, if I were the reader, to click a sales link. But - I'm weird. I don't know how to reach normies.
AJTrimble1 Premium
No worries. So-called "normies" is a myth. Everyone is unique. Besides, often our best customers are just like us; people buy from those they trust.
Linda103 Premium
Great post Aj, very helpful, thank you.
Brain buzzing, I am off to work.
AJTrimble1 Premium
cliffordjack Premium
AJ, I enjoyed the article and directions this reminds me the book 'The Greatest Salesman in the World' by OG MANDINO.
AJTrimble1 Premium
Thank you. Great book. 🙂
FOta Premium
Thanks AJTrimble1, that hit me well!! Am back to the drawing board.
AJTrimble1 Premium
Awesome. Thanks.