Finally going premium

Last Update: April 15, 2019

It's taken me six days to make this decision.

During that time I did a lot of research and asked other members of this matter and everyone told me to go for it and that it was the best decision they ever took. Of course I believe in them, but my worries were of that I might not be able to make it. And especially my own financial matters that I had to consider with all my possibilities and my free time.

Finally, after thinking it all over and getting motivation from the encouraging posts and the helpful members, I've decided to take this step. If I work hard and not give up, I doubt I'll regret it.

So dear Members, thank you for all your help so far and I'll appreciate any advices in the future.

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You already have the right idea and what it mean to successful at something ,now you have to stay on the right path that will lead you to you way of thinking.
Aida98 Premium
Thank you for your comment and you're right.

Best wishes,
ScottStogner Premium
Hello, Aida, Take your time and work through the training. If you learn the steps and give yourself time I am sure you'll make it work.
Aida98 Premium
Hello, thank you, I'm planning to do so and I hope you're right :)