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May 07, 2019
What I've been working on has finally happened: my website is now indexed in Google!It took more than three weeks, but I'm happy. From now I need to work even harder in order to make more and more quality content for my future visitors. The problematic thing is that recently I haven't had much time - exam session's starting, but I'll try to manage somehow.I wish the best for everyone who reads this short post.Aida
Well, it's 4 AM here and I just finished the second level of our enjoyable training.It took me a week and a half, I don't know if it's considered as slow or not-so-slow (uhm, there's always something to do...).I'm working hard on my website that's about artist markers and my first goal is to get it indexed. But I don't know when it will happen.Dear WA members, what about your first niche, how long (and how much effective work) did it take for your first website to get indexed? How were you prog
April 17, 2019
Yesterday I was wondering...I guess many of us starts building a website with the thought of earning money or making the world know about you. Well, it's only natural to be ambitious, I was thinking the same when I joined WA.But seeing what it's all about made me realize an important thing: we've been taught that our niche should be something we are interested in and we need to create a content-rich website of high quality in connection with it.In order to post quality content, you need to do a
April 15, 2019
It's taken me six days to make this decision.During that time I did a lot of research and asked other members of this matter and everyone told me to go for it and that it was the best decision they ever took. Of course I believe in them, but my worries were of that I might not be able to make it. And especially my own financial matters that I had to consider with all my possibilities and my free time.Finally, after thinking it all over and getting motivation from the encouraging posts and the h